Amazon Shopping? I Can HalpU!

For someone who is addicted (yes, I am) to online shopping, I admit I have never shopped at Amazon yet. Why? Well because I don’t want to hassle my relatives in the States to consolidate the items I plan to shop. With Amazon having good deals every week, I know I wouldn’t be able to resist and shop one thing this week and consider grabbing an irresistible deal next week. Imagine the trouble I would cause to my cousin in New York if I ask him to wait for the packages to arrive at his doorstep and repack it for me in a balikbayan box?! As much as it is alright with him, that’s too much trouble for my shopping habit!

Thankfully, there’s HalpU to help me easily shop online for US products.


HalpU provides an easier way for us Filipinos to shop online – particularly at – even without a credit card and a US address. HalpU shops for you at Amazon so you don’t really need to have a registered account at Amazon. Once they purchased the items you shopped for, they will consolidate all orders and put it in a balikbayan box and ship it straight to our doorstep, anywhere in the Philippines. Now can you feel my excitement?! *shrieks in delight*

It’s easy to shop. Just register at HalpU and start browsing. Currently, you can shop at Just search for the items you want to shop for and choose among the search results.



Click each item to see all the available listings. It’s got the same navigation as when you shop directly at, so you have to click the listing you’re interested in to check for different sizes and prices offered by different vendors.

Amazon_HalpU_JackieGoI’m currently looking for another pair of workout shoes and I’ve spotted this Lunarglide! Amazon_HalpU_JackieGo_1

You can choose your preferred vendor. In my case, I choose the vendor that offers the lowest price.


Whether you’re shopping for yourself or your loved ones, HalpU is the site to go online shopping for US products. Balikbayan box rate starts at $55 ( for 23″ x 16″ x 17″ box). No need to compute for the box size because HalpU calculates the box you need based on the items you ordered. How cool is that?!




For shoppers based overseas you can pay through PayRemit Online Wallet or PayRemit Over-the-Counter. So to our OFW in whatever part of the world, if you want to send something from, you can order it all through HalpU and they’ll ship everything in a balikbayan box for your conveniece. Think of all the birthdays or celebrations your family has and surprise them with things they want from the US as they get delivered straight to their doorstep.



Now for us shoppers based here in the Philippines, we can pay through Dragonpay’s partners to pay over-the-counter so you can shop even if you don’t have a credit cared (yes, hashtag shoppingpamore!) 😉


HalpU is the one who orders from Amazon for us and the site changes prices in real time. If the prices change more than $10, HalpU will send an email notifying the change and will only proceed to ordering if we approve it.

I have a lot of things on my HalpU wish list (must. narrow. it. down or not?! hihi) and this shopingera was excited that I immediately filled up my box in a matter of minutes! I think I wanna fill another one soon?! (hashtag agadagad) I cannot wait to share with you my HalpU haul! In the meantime, you guys go ahead and browse at Let me know what you guys think and what you plan on shopping for. They got everything covered fro beauty, fashion, home, and even gadgets so get your wallets ready! 😉

Now if you’re interested in trying out HalpU, you can get a $10 voucher on your first order with HalpU. How?

Simply pay for your order and email HalpU ([email protected]) with a subject line “I want my $10 rebate” and mention my name JACKIE GO and include your order reference number. The $10 voucher can be used on your next order. That’s it! Enjoooooy shopping! 😉


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