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 Play-based learning is always effective. Why? Because children enjoy playing so much that they don’t have an idea that they’re learning along the way. While lil’ Ms. GJG loves school and listening to her teacher, I can’t say the same for lil’ Mr. GJG. My kids, though they like the same things and activities, they are pretty much different particularly when it comes to learning. One is a visual learner while one is a kinesthetic learner.

I’ve learned this during our visit at the first Ogalala World  store in the Philippines.


Ogalala is a system developed by IGM based on play and parenting insights wherein play products or educational toys are grouped together to develop the physical, intellectual, social, and emotional skills of a child from birth to 12 years old. Ogalala is derived from the word ‘Ogallala’ which represents a vast yet shallow underground water used for irrigation and as source of drinking water of a big population.  It is composed of these globally known brands. 

Crayola began in 1903, and for over 100 years, Crayola has been the trusted brand of children’s fun experiences which inspire and develop potential. From our crayons, to our markers, to our creative play toys, Crayola products stimulate creativity and imagination so children can have fun while developing good habits and learning to think independently.

Melissa & Doug is an American manufacturer and purveyor of children’s toys such as wooden educational toys and innovative arts and crafts materials.

HABA toys are carefully designed with great craftsmanship to offer polished, organic play products such as wooden hand-made toys and plush dolls for infants and toddlers. It is also very natural because the wood comes from its own sustainable forestry.

Animal Planet teaches children about the animals featured in their channel and TV shows by letting them learn and experience the creatures that they see up-close using play products such as diorama figures and plush toys.

Discovery Kids inspires children to look beyond the place they live in and satisfies their curiosity by giving those tools to explore everything that is literally out of this world!

Artec aims to improve the learning curve for children through the use of interactive educational toys. It simplifies science tools such as energy-saving technology and robotics so it can be offered to kids at an early age.

Baby Einstein brings the world to infants and toddlers one discovery at a time! It has books, flash cards and even puppets so it will encourage them to in an entertaining and engaging way to inspire them.

Emco is a toy brand that offers quality and non-toxic plastic construction play products for the little ones.  It is a perfect tool to improve your kid’s fine motor skills and it could be enjoyed by the whole family.

Oops stems from a fusion of bright and vibrant creativity and from the deep understanding of the needs of modern babies from birth to 4/5 years. From earliest childhood entertainment to playful and useful accessories for older children, the most modern Oops concepts blend harmoniously with the simple needs of a child’s world, creating a line full of joy and originality in every tiny detail.

During our visit at Ogalala World, Crayola was the forefront brand that warmly welcomed us in.


We registered by leaving our hand print.



 The lil’ blue print is lil’ Mr. GJG while my print is the sideways yellow one.


Red corner print belongs to my lil’ Ms. GJG.




 My lil’ GJGs immediately immersed themselves with all the coloring and drawing.


 Aside from educational toys and activities, Ogalala World also offers Elle and Desigual apparel for kids.


 Each child is unique and your child will grow and learn at his or her own pace, with proper nutrition and guidance from you. Make sure you know what to expect from your little ones as they develop and explore the world around them.


Children learn through play–that’s a fact. They also have different ways of learning. While there are general ways that kids learn, one method may not always apply to another child. This I’ve seen firsthand with my lil’ GJGs, my girl loves watching demonstrations on how things work in order for her to understand while my boy loves doing the demo himself in order for him to understand. They’re very different especially on how they process things, particularly new information.


As O. Ivar Lovaas, a child development expert said, “If they can’t learn the way we teach, we teach the way they learn.”


The Ogalala System in PLAY is developed to help parents identify such milestones and tools that can help them adapt to their child’s learning method. They’ve done research and have consulted child development experts so they can put together a system in play that you can use to adapt to your own parenting style. And since they’re parents themselves, they’ve put in some parenting insights that they’ve proven useful based on experience.



 Ogalala System has products for each developmental stage of your child’s life: infant, toddler, preschooler and gradeschooler.


My preschooler lil’ Mr. GJG so busy working, building his horse so he can pretend ride on it. Talk about honing his creativity and imagination.


Here I was with Iris Camacho-Mendoza, the Business Development & Digital Marketing Manager of IGM Inc. She said that Ogalala World will be holding workshops inside their store to facilitate awareness especially to parents who want to be understand how their child learns. Their workshops would focus on child development through Ogalala System Play.

 My kids loooooove playing and I love that they learn while they play. Not only does it become our quality time together, it’s also a fun way for us to learn together.


You’ll find an area at Ogalala World dedicated to Crayola products. It’s one of the things that I cannot resist buying for my children. I know they love painting, drawing and coloring as much as I do.

 From crayons, dry erase markers to colored pencils and finger paints. We love Crayola! I got us some fingerprints and window markers. We’ve done different artworks on our glass door and we can’t wait to do more creations so please restock on the window crayons!


Another offering by Ogalala World is the Pick Your Pack. Ogalala_Crayola_PickYourPack_1

Buy a box of 24 Crayola crayons of your choice for only 100 pesos. Choose whatever color you want, no restrictions! I was so tempted to get all the shades of green just because I love the color. Perhaps on our next visit, I’ll do just that. Heehee.



 After a short talk on how Ogalala System in PLAY works, we had a chance to doodle on the store window using Crayola window markers and crayons. Yahooooo! We were asked to doodle what learning is for us. So I had lil’ Ms. GJG do everything. When I asked her what she loves doing in school, she said “I love Math and numbers!” Well, she certainly got that from her dad! Here she was solving basic equations! I think we have a number nerd in the house! 😀


Ogalala is LOVE. Read. Write. Learn. 123. ABC. I drew a book while lil’ Ms. GJG drew shapes and we sealed our work with our names. 🙂




We didn’t expect we’d win the best window art! Here are lil’ GJGs and I with Iris Camacho-Mendoza, the Business Development & Digital Marketing Manager of IGM Inc. and  Maye Yao Co, COO of IGM Inc. IGM Inc. is the company behind Ogalala World. Thanks for choosing our doodle! 🙂


Thanks Ogalala World for having us! The Ogalala store is a one stop shop for parents and children. While mom is busy shopping for his/her child’s clothes, the child can roam around the store and immerse himself/herself with all the educational toys. Win-win! Sign up for the Ogalala Child Development Workshop. Just send your full name, your child’s name, your child’s birthdate and mobile number to [email protected]


Level 4, East Wing Shangri La Plaza Mall, Mandaluyong City


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