Shoo Mosquitos Away With Off! for Kids

Whenever my kids would get fever I get paranoid thinking it’s dengue. I would closely monitor them for the first three days and constantly check for other symptoms–skin rash, vomiting, nausea, severe headache, pain behind the eyes to name a few. Thankfully, they haven’t experienced it. I cannot imagine how hard it would be for them. I guess this paranoia of mine stems from family and friends who have experienced dengue firsthand. Knowing it can happen to them, can happen to me, to my kids, and to anyone, made me on mosquito patrol especially now that it’s rainy season.

Just when I thought dengue was the only thing I should worry about another virus has emerged–Zika. Another life-threatening illness brought about by mosquito carrying virus. Though the virus was first identified back in 1952, its first large outbreak was just in 2007. I guess the virus became more popularly alarming when in 2015 it was linked to microcephaly–a congenital condition associated with incomplete brain development and abnormal smallness of the head–affecting pregnant women bitten by Zika virus carrying mosquito.

There had been cases of Zika virus around the world and in Asia, Philippines is no exemption. All the more I really, really dislike mosquitoes because really there isn’t anything we can do except prevent them from getting contact with our skin.

So when our Singapore trip finally pushed through a few weeks ago, part of me was worried about Zika virus because the country has reported hundreds of cases. What’s a mom to do? Keep her kids protected by making sure we have OFF! for Kids lotion.


Five days in Singapore and my kids are so used to applying OFF! Kids lotion on themselves.


Zika is a virus transmitted by the Aedes mosquitoes and those bitten by it can have symptoms including mild fever, skin rash, conjunctivitis, muscle and joint pain, malaise or headache. Kinda like dengue symptoms too which normally last for 2-7 days. Yikes!


The only way to prevent mosquitos from targeting my kids is to use an effective insect repellant. And we only trust OFF! for Kids lotion. It has helped my kids stay protected from mosquito carrying diseases.


Back here in Manila I make sure I do everything in my power to prevent mosquito breeding in our home–not giving them a chance to create a breeding ground–no stagnant water anywhere even the drainers and shower areas.


Aside from making sure mosquitos don’t stand a chance here in our home, I also make sure my kids are protected. It’s become their habit to apply repellent after they’ve showered. Whether lil’ Ms. JG is off to school to learn or off to the gym to train. Because mosquitos are everywhere, I really don’t want to risk having a chance for them to prey on my kids.



My son also knows the drill. He would ask for the “orange” lotion so he can put it on him every day before we head out and leave our hotel room.


When I asked my kids if they know why it’s important to apply OFF! Kids lotion, they both said it’s to protect them from mosquitos that can make them sick.


I admit the first day of our trip I was constantly checking if there are mosquitos lurking around my kids. It’s weird that even though I have astigmatism and my eyes aren’t 20-20, I can spot a mosquito and kill it with my bare hands. 😉 Probably because I’m THAT paranoid to them.


Halfway through our first day and I find myself letting go of being a mosquito patrol.


Seeing my kids have fun and enjoy themselves made me let lose and have fun myself. Knowing they’re safe and protected from mosquitos with OFF! for Kids got me less worrying and more enjoying our vacation.


All smiles with as we explore Universal Studios Singapore!


I brought OFF! for Kids with me while we explored Universal Studios Singapore. This mosquito repellant lotion has 3 hours of protection and is dermatologically tested. Since we spent more than 3 hours at USS, I had to re-apply it on my kids in the middle of our visit. Funny that some of the other visitors couldn’t help but track the fresh fragrance the lotion gives as I lather it on my kids.


Not worried about mosquitos when we’ve protected ourselves with OFF! lotion. Even I had applied OFF! Overtime which gave me an effective 8-hour protection against mosquitos.


I’m one happy momma knowing my kids & I had fun during our vacation. Whether we’re on a vacation thousands of miles away or right at the comfort of our own home, we only trust OFF! for Kids to keep my little ones safe from mosquitos.

OFF! for Kids 100ml is at Php 135 and is available at leading supermarkets, drugstores nationwide.



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