In Contrast


Vacations & staycations always prompt me to wear comfy outfits. Is it just me? I think vacation is synonymous to comfort because I take it as my time to just chill and enjoy. So I took advantage of the good weather and the outdoors during our Somerset Alabang staycation and did a quick #OOTD


Black + dress + sneakers= easy dressing


I have so many black dresses already but I always end up getting more. Something about how easy it is to dress up and dress down makes it valid for me to have more.


I’m living on sneakers the past for weeks. Especially now that tis’ the season of busyness, I always end up choosing sneakers over heels. Way easier to run errands and my feet can take a full day of walking and driving.


You’re probably surprised that I have an OOTD elsewhere no? Well me too! Heehee. Good thing it was a Sunday and there’s really no one around but when there were cars passing by, I had to stop because I was too shy for people to see what I’m doing.  #introvertkasiinreallife Heeheeheehuhuhuhu


I don’t know if this is my resting b*tch face or my I look-like-I’m-about-to-cry face. LOL


So I’ve been asked a few times when I’ll start doing videos. To be honest I really, really want to because I feel like video is the next best thing but I don’t think I’m confident enough to do so. In contrast to who I am with friends and family (super talkative and very beki–you can get a preview of this on my Instagram stories and Snapchat) I don’t think I can do it on camera though. Or maybe I just need to have enough confidence to do so? 🙂 Perhaps next year I’ll start doing videos na. Kinda challenging though because I am not techie and I need to invest on gadgets to shoot–I learned I need to buy a microphone pa? or a better camera for vlogging? Let’s see! 🙂



dress, Mango| shoes, Topshop x Adidas Superstar



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