National Book Store Shopping: #GiftsTheyllLoveAtNBS

Gone are the days when you think about National Book Store as a store only selling books and school supplies. The popular local book store chain has evolved and has become a one-stop shop for all things relevant for the entire family. I say this because two years ago, I shopped not just for Christmas decors but also for Christmas gifts at National Book Store. I got most of my loved ones their favorite books, art supplies, organizers and other trinkets–not only did they find it cute but useful as well. 🙂


Recently, I visited one of the oldest National Book Store in the country–SM North EDSA–to check out the new look of the store and also shop for #GiftsTheyllLoveAtNBS


Our goal was to pick gifts for ourselves, our families or friends. The catch? We have to do it in 10 minutes!

The thing about going around National Book Store is that there are so many things I wanna get. It takes more than a few minutes for me to finish scanning one shelf for new finds and items that I actually need. nationalbookstore_giftstheylllove_jackiego_11

One can never have too many papers, pens and notebooks at home. I think most moms with kids who go to school can relate. Our home has become an extension of National Book Store. Need pencil? Here ya go. Oh you need more paper? I’ve got a bundle!


The new look of National Book Store is clean and modern. Digital signages are atop most shelves and you can clearly see where most items are since they’re categorised properly.


Sharpie overload!!!


I cannot resist me some Sharpie! I always end up getting one or two every time I drop by National Book Store. My kids would always borrow them from me and unfortunately they end up not giving it back.

Books, books, books!nationalbookstore_giftstheylllove_jackiego_18

Spotted Kelly picking a book for her son Tristan.


Books for toddlers, kids, tweens, young adults, adults. Lahat na! There’s an extensive selection. If you can’t find what your looking for, you can always approach customer service, they can hunt down which National Book Store has the book you’re looking for or you can also order online and have it delivered right at your doorstep.


Kelly, Patty & I managed to shop under 10 minutes. Parang Amazing Race lang!



So many cool and cute books for kids!

There’s an abundant selection of Filipino books as well.

I also buy party items at NBS–party invites, loot bag, loot bag items, cake toppers, candles, birthday banners, and even party food utensils. nationalbookstore_giftstheylllove_jackiego_16




Not a fan of wrapping gifts? Have yours wrapped at any National Book Store.


NBS also has Christmas decors! From ornaments to Christmas trees!

Happy mommas with our NBS finds!

Since technology is a big part of our lives, I figured I get something that will let us take a break from using our gadgets. So I got items that can help us hone our creativity & unleash our imagination–ART SUPPLIES! 🙂


Pan Pastel Colors, Sennelier Watercolors, Princeton brushes and Blackwing pencils

These art materials are mostly used by professionals so I’m pretty excited to unleash my inner Da Vinci (wow! hahaha). Like for example, the Blackwing pencils are used by animators of Disney! I hope I get to be half as good as them and up my doodling skills from abstract circles and lines to something more mature. Heehee.

Sketch pads, set of gift tags and a set of Sharpie

I also got my kids their very own sketch pads. They’ve been living on scratch paper (because reusing is da bomb!) but sometimes their doodles are too good I wish I let them do it on clean paper. So eto na I got them their own sketch pads because most of the time drawing, doodling and painting are the things they like to do. I couldn’t resist not getting a set of gift tags in my favorite colors (black, white and gold) which I can practically use not just for the holidays but on occasions that prompt me to hand over a gift. And I also got myself a set of Sharpie. Would you look at the gradient of colors! Too pretty to use but my kids already got dibs shortly after rummaging through the shopping bag. I should’ve gotten two sets pala!


Classic books for kids

It’s never too early to introduce your kids to the classics. Sherlock Holmes, Alice In Wonderland, Les Miserables, The Wonderful Wizard of Oz, and A Midsummer Night’s Dream are just some of the classic stories I want my kids to be familiar with.

National Book Store has evolved to become more than a book store. It’s my wasteland and a gift destination. I always ask friends to gift me NBS gift certificates for Kris Kringle because there’s always something I want. You too can shop for Christmas gifts at NBS. They will soon launch their Gift Generator–a service that can help shoppers & gift givers figure out what’s the best gift to give to their loved ones. Don’t forget to follow National Book Store on their social media accounts to get updated.


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