Nike Tight Night

My first press event for 2016 was all about fitness. Nike Tight Night happened last week where the brand introduced their latest workout apparel. I was excited because Nike Philippines always makes their press events fun. And by fun I mean be-ready-to-sweat-out-kind-of-fun!


Workout clothes have become my weakness. For me, wearing pretty and functional workout clothes motivate me to exert extra effort whenever I’m at the gym. Heehee.


Nike EKIN Andro Torres talked about Nike Power Speed Tight and Nike Zoned Sculpt Tight. The two latest tights of Nike that’s perfect for running and training.

Nike Power Speed Tight

Top sprinter English Gardner wears Nike Power Speed Tight.

Nike designers employed a slim cut to maximize compression provided by a lightweight, high-elastane Dri-FIT fabric that has ample stretch and retraction to smoothly adapt to the runner’s stride.

Notably, enhanced compression along the hip, thigh, calf and Achilles tendon boost muscle control. These compression zones are accentuated by screen-printed graphic lines, inspired by the flow of a track, that visually enhance the natural beauty of the athlete in motion.

Beyond Gardner’s immediate requests, designers solved for the needs of elite and everyday runners by adding an encased drawcord at the waist for a personalized fit, reflective details for low-light conditions and bonded ankle zips for easy on and off. A vapor-lined pocket for phones or keys sits on the back hip for men and at the center back for women.

Nike Zoned Sculpt Tight

Tennis player Genie Bouchard wears Nike Zoned Sculpt Tight.

Inspired by the way athletes such as Bouchard employ a varied and vigorous training routine, Nike designers devised the Nike Zoned Sculpt Tight to offer support, fit and comfort for the body in motion. They looked to the six core training moves – push, pull, lunge, squat, bend and rotate – to tailor a tight that moves with the natural motion of a woman’s body, wraps and defines muscle movement and promotes a sense of fluid control.

The Nike Zoned Sculpt Tight is crafted from soft, light Dri-FIT fabric that employs an innovative knitting process to help provide compressive support to muscles around the core, quadriceps and glutes.

Simultaneously, the knit offers built-in breathability and sweat management, while the nearly seamless construction allows for freedom of movement. A higher, tilted waistband provides a firm, locked-in feel while strategic venting areas enhance cooling in key areas, such as behind the knee.



After the quick presentation by Andro, we (well, more like I) were surprised to know that our workout that night was running. Here’s Nike+ Run Club Coach Ian Banzon briefly discussing the route and how the run will go about.


The run wouldn’t be complete without testing the Nike Power Speed tights. Initial reaction? Thinner than my usual tights and it fits like a glove. Ay lav eetttt!


Nakaka-pressure to run with THE Bull Runner herself, Jaymie Pizzaro. Here I was with her and Cai Subijano of Jaymie has been pushing me to run. In fact, she’s giving me tips here and there on how I can fall in love with running. In fairness, I’ve been doing cardio since August last year and I am proud to say, this asthmatic girl can do 2km in 15 minutes. Ha! Yes, achievement na yan for me. Hopefully I can do 5km, perhaps before the quarter ends? We’ll see. 😉


Shoefie with our Nike shoes.Nike_Tight_Night_JackieGo_6

Warm up first before we run.

Annnnnnd we’re off!

The run was headed by Nike+ Run Club and there were three groups each with different pace and speed. I opted for the intermediate group. Which eventually didn’t feel intermediate at all. If you follow me on Snapchat (gojackiego) you’ve probably seen how challenged and tired I was!

We’re a happy bunch! Kamusta naman ang pawis ko?! (Look at how sweaty I was!)Nike_Tight_Night_JackieGo_8

Our run had intervals where we could rest. Here’s what’s left of our group. Jaymie and Cai were leading by a few meters because they’re that fast, while the rest of the girls were a few paces behind us.

I. SURVIVED. PAK! I think we ran for 30 minutes or more. I cannot believe I survived my first ever night and outdoor run. A run that was more than my 15-minute, 2km mark!

So after our run, we thought the event was over as we were directed to Skye lounge to freshen up and enjoy dinner. Turns out, the fun isn’t over. Nike_Tight_Night_JackieGo_14

Waiting for us at Skye lounge were N+TC trainers Katz Salao and Kat Reambillo.


Surprise, surprise! We were asked to change to our very own Nike Zoned Sculpt Tight for some seriously fun training with Katz and Kat!Nike_Tight_Night_JackieGo_13

Go Jackie Go! *catches breath before changing tights*


Our workout with Katz and Kat focused on core, legs and arms. It was fun ‘coz it’s my kind of workout. Heehee.

Planking and piking are just some of the sets we did. Here’s Jaymie planking while I (behind her) was piking.


Noelle of Kikay Runner has a good form (look how straight her legs are while her tailbone is firmly flat on the mat) which I only wish I can do (no thanks to my lower back problem).Nike_Tight_Night_JackieGo_20

Ending the workout with some sun salutation.Nike_Tight_Night_JackieGo_21

I just did!Nike_Tight_Night_JackieGo_22


Thank you so much Nike, And the coaches of Nike+ Run Club and N+TC Training Club for the fun Nike Tight Night!

What I love about the Nike Power Speed Tight is that it feels like second skin yet I don’t feel any constraints despite its compression. I feel lighter which makes me feel like I run faster than my usual pace. I can’t wait to use and abuse my pair until I can run 5km or more with it. Heehee.

As for the Nike Zoned Sculpt Tight. It’s perfect to do functional training, TRX, pilates, yoga and so much more. Its higher tilted waistband supports the core more and doesn’t give me that awful muffin top. And because it’s made of Dri-FIT fabric, it leaves no room for skin irritation despite giving a tight fit. I like how it hugs my waist down to my ankle. Although it’s a tad bit challenging to wear (I have to angle my body sideways so the waistband can pass through my thighs and hips), I assume the fit is different from the Nike Power Speed Tight because of the knit fabric. Nonetheless, I’m excited to do more core workout wearing it as I’ve felt the support it has given me during the event.  Nike_Tight_Night_JackieGo_24

Yep. I did it but sorry legs! Thanks again for the push Jaymie and Ian! Nike_Tight_Night_JackieGo_15

Thanks for the reminder, Nike!

Nike Power Speed (P7,295) and Zoned Sculpt (P6,795) tights are now available at all Nike stores nationwide.



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