3 Tips On How To Dress Your Kids For The Changing Weather

The holidays may be over but the cool breeze remains until we usher the Lunar New Year. The transition to a new year always often leaves my kids caught between bidding good bye to the cool breeze and saying hello to hot summer. This time of the year is always the trickiest time to dress up, not just for us adults but especially for our children too. One minute they’re cold, the next they’re sweaty. I’ve notice this happen year after year and now that I’ve somewhat mastered the changing weather during this time of the year, I thought I’d share some tips on how you can dress up your kids.

Always dress for comfort.

We’ve all heard this tip a thousand times. While it may sound so cliche, we parents tend to overlook this especially when there’s an occasion that calls appropriately dressing our kids. While this may be challenging (or easy for others) the trick is to only buy clothes that your children find comfortable wearing. While there are a lot of pieces that are just too darn cute that you totally see you child wearing, always prioritize comfort for your kids. Since it never really is super cold here in the tropics, always go for clothes made of cotton or light fabrics.

Don’t be afraid to layer.

This is where lightweight and cotton clothes really come in handy. Light shirt topped with a cotton jacket can get your child through a crazy day of hot and cold weather. If your child prefers to wear a skirt or dress, you can let her wear tights underneath so as to protect her legs from cold aircon draft or rain shower. Layering isn’t just for cold weather, it can also work even if it’s summer.

Pack an extra set.

An extra set of clothes is always a MUST for a mom with young children. For one, there will always be an unexpected eating mishap. A stain of spaghetti here or a smudge of chocolate cookie there. An extra shirt is always handy. Now if your kids tend to choose their clothes like mine do, I always bring an extra set that’s opposite to what they’re wearing. Say my son decided to wear pants and a long-sleeved shirt, I’d pack a pair of shorts and cotton shirt just in case he feels hot in the middle of the day. If my daughter picked a lovely dress to wear but suddenly feels cold in the afternoon, I change her with a pair of leggings and top. And as always, I have their jackets too just in case it gets chilly.

Speaking of extra set of clothes, I’m sharing with you what’s in my lil’ Mr. JG’s backpack which he always brings to school or whenever we’re out and about.


extra set of clothes packed in a zip lock. Contain it in a ziplock for when he needs to change his soiled clothes.

one or two pull up pants. Just in case he wants to pee and we’re in transit or the public bathroom isn’t clean enough.

a bottle of Wilkins Distilled Drinking Water. Water is essential and we never leave home without it. Thankfully my kids drink a lot of water so Juro’s backpack always has a bottle. We always pack Wilkins Distilled Drinking Water because I don’t want compromise the safety of my children especially when it comes to what they ingest. And Wilkins Distilled Drinking Water has always been our trusted brand.

bite-sized snacks. Because my kids are heavy snackers and for some strange reason, gets really, really, really hungry whenever we get stuck in traffic.

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