Workout For Your Face: Slendertone Face

If you can tone and workout your face, wouldn’t you?

Well I’ve long thought about this. How I can tone my face since there’s really no workout for it, except maybe smile more often? 😀 When I started running on the treadmill last year, I couldn’t help but get irritated on how my cheeks would bounce up and down. Do I really have chubby cheeks? Ummm, no. Saggy cheeks? Ummm, yes. I get very conscious as I feel gravity pulling them cheeks down every time I run.

Luckily, there’s a solution. Luckily, there’s Slendertone Face.


Slendertone Face is a lightweight headset, which delivers low levels of Electrical Muscle Stimulation (EMS) to exercise the muscles of facial expression. Our innovative technology stimulates the muscle beneath the surface of your face, firming, and toning them to combat the natural “sag” of the ageing process.

It’s a premium anti-aging beauty product, which is clinically proven and uses medical grade technology. It delivers visibly noticeable changes to the appearance of your face by increasing muscle tone and restoring the youthful shape.


Before you start using SlenderTone Face, you have to put 3 AAA batteries and its gel pad first.


Make sure the gel pads completely cover the black paddles, this should come in contact with your skin and not the black paddles.


The paddles should always be positioned in a line between the middle of your ear and your nose. Use your middle finger and pointy finger and position them vertically right before your ear, that’s the space you need between Slendertone Face and your ear.


Make sure that you cleanse your face with a cleanser and apply toner first before using Slendertone Face. It is recommended that you use it before putting any moisturizer or facial cream so the EMS (electrical muscle simulation) can effectively work its way to your facial muscles.


It has two programs – Lift and Radiance.


This program (20 minutes) tones and firms your facial muscles, tightening and smoothing the overlying skin for a more youthful look and feel. This is the programme we recommend using for 12 weeks to experience the full rejuvenation effects.


This programme (10 minutes) helps to increase blood flow, giving your face a healthier, more radiant glow. Use this programme before an evening out for a healthy, vibrant glow.

You can also opt to manually adjust the settings (time and EMS) depending on how intense you want to “workout” your face. 😉 On most days, I do manual settings but whenever I feel like my cheeks are getting chubbier (shempre, it’s all psychological for me!) I use lift program and whenever I feel like my skin has lost its natural glow (happens exactly when I PMS, right before getting my monthly period) I use radiance program.


I like how it helps increase blood flow around the face which rejuvenates complexion and refreshes the skin. It doesn’t immediately tone your skin, but what I notice is the muscles around my cheekbones (the one that you use when you smile) feels a tad bit tighter than it used to.

After having this feeling, I’ve been more diligent using Slendertone Face every. single. day. I just keep in mind to use it not more than five times a week and leave at least 24 hours between session.


This is the closest thing I have to a bath tub (because I want a bath tub at home so I can soak and sleep there to relax hihi). I use Slendertone Face every night on weekdays. It’s something I look forward to after a long day taking care of the kids, homemaking & blogging in between. Not only do I feel relaxed, I also get to “workout” my face. Next on my wish list is Slendertone Abs! Because I really, really want to have abs this year and I’ve heard so many good reviews about how effect it is.

Slendertone Face retails for P19,990.00 and comes with a 6 pairs of face pads. Slendertone face pads of 6 is available for P1,990 both are available at the following stores:

SM Mall of Asia
SM Megamall Building A
SM North Edsa Annex Building
Robinsons Ermita

ROX Bonifacio High Street
ROX Ayala Cebu
ROX Camp John Hay Baguio
ROX Centrio
ROX Marquee Mall
ROX Bacolod

The Travel Club Glorietta
The Travel Club Rockwell
The Travel Club Greenbelt
The Travel Club Alabang Town Center
The Travel Club Abreeza Davao
The Travel Club Newport
The Travel Club Shangri-la
The Travel Club Shangri-la Mactan
The Travel Club Trinoma
The Travel Club Viramall

Flight001 Bonifacio High Street
Flight001 Shangri-la



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