My #BeloHotMama Result: How Many Inches I Lost

Four weeks ago, I did my very first Exilis treatment at Belo. It was my first time to try so I was very eager to share my initial experience–you can read it HERE. Now after 3 more sessions, I am left to share my results to everyone. Gooooosh, as I did my final session last Friday, I was scared and excited at the same time to see if there was any difference.


Exilis is part of the #BeloHotMama program that the clinic is offering to all moms. It’s not a one-size-fits-all program. It’s tailored fit to a person since we all have different concerns naman. As I mentioned on my previous post, the #BeloHotMama program offers different treatments targeting different concerns. So it’s really best to have an initial consultation first before doing any treatment.



Anyhow, I was recommended to do Exilis because I want my tummy area to be tighter and a tad bit contoured. The RF technology of Exilis targets exactly this. It uses safe thermal waves to heat one’s skin and target fat cells. Its dual energy delivery speeds up the metabolic activity of the fat cells and cause them to shrink and at the same time stimulates and strengthens the collagen network which improves skin laxity and texture.


So after four sessions of Exilis, I’m happy to report that I did lose a few inches. For every session I had, my therapist measured the upper, the middle and the lower abdomen areas since these areas are the focus of my Exilis treatment. Can you say there’s a difference? Check out my before and after photos to see.


What do you guys think?

Left photo was taken last July 13, a day before I had my first Exilis session while the right photo was taken yesterday, August 10, five days after my last Exilis session. See how narrow and more firmer looking my tummy is now? Winner!


To be honest, during the weeks I was doing the Exilis sessions, I was worried if there would be a visible difference so I refrained from looking at my tummy. Ang hirap guys! Medyo na-obsess kaya ako about it. My stretch marks are still evident but I did notice though that my love handles (sides of my tummy) were a tad bit firmer, if  not, at least have shrined. Feeling ko lang to during the first two weeks of Exilis. But seeing the before and after photos prove me right & has proved how Exilis has worked for me. I also love how doing the treatment made my abs prominent. Na-inspire tuloy ako to continue working out.

Speaking of working out, I didn’t change anything during the 4-week that I was doing Exilis. My diet was still the same, I do Diet Diva on weekdays and I eat whatever I want on weekends–may times pa na I really pig out which made me feel guilty coz sayang naman yung Exilis treatments if I would just make myself bloated di ba?, I regularly–3 to 4 times a week– workout but I skipped a few days when I wasn’t feeling my best which I blame on PMS. I didn’t change anything nor added anything–except that I did Exilis for 4 straight weeks–I just went about doing what I do.


My upper abdomen measured 28 inches during my first session now it’s at 26 inches. 2 inches lost

My middle abdomen measured 31 inches during my first session, now it’s at 29 inches. 2 inches lost.

My lower abdomen measured 32 inches during my first session, now it’s 30.5 inches. 1.5 inches lost.

In total I lost 5.5 inches around my abdomen area with 4 sessions of Exilis. Imagine if I do it for 6-8 sessions? Baka pak, ganern na my abs! Heehee.

Thank you Belo Medical Group for letting me experience Exilis and for encouraging me to be the best that I can be. Happy 26th birthday to you! As a treat, Belo Medical Group is currently offering The Great 888 Deal.Belo888Deal

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Again, treatments like Exilis can only do so much in helping you kickstart better lifestyle. Of course proper nutrition (healthy diet) and working out play large roles in achieving that body you want. So I guess I partly attribute my better looking tummy to Exilis. Now the part of maintaining how it looks is more challenging. Like what Dr. Carlo said to me when I consulted with him during my first session, I should keep be consistent to eat healthy (so I won’t get bloated) and to workout regularly (so that my tummy can get more toned). Consider the #BeloHotMama program as the extra push you need to help you achieve your pre-pregancny body or a specific body goal you’ve been wanting.


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