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Aminin, there’s pressure to get back into shape shortly after a mom gives birth to her baby. I personally experienced this after I gave birth to my first born, Gabbie six years ago. I gained 40 lbs and I was super manas (bloated) & even after a year, I still wasn’t back to my pre-pregnancy weight shape. It was really me who pressured myself–I wasn’t even swayed by what society dictates or what people around me think–it was more personal since I was being too hard on myself.

The change that comes with being a mom isn’t just the title, the job and the baby. It’s also the change that happens to one’s body. I admit, I pressured myself to quickly bounce back to what my body looked like prior to being pregnant and it was a struggle. But when I got pregnant with my second child  Juro, I was different. I shrinked back to pre-baby body a little over a month. I guess it has something to do with having to manage two kids, nursing almost all day, every day! Heehee. So there really was no pressure for me to lose all 40 lbs (again!) I gain the second time around. But weight wasn’t just my concern. Dark spots, post-baby belly, stretch marks, & dull skin are just some of the conditions my skin had gone through during both my pregnancies. Truly our bodies change the moment we become a mom but did you know that these skin conditions can be improved? Through the post-pregnancy program by Belo, your skin concerns can be addressed and treated.

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Belo Medical Group provides a complete solution to all post-pregnancy beauty problems. They have a variety of treatments particularly for moms who want to bring back their pre-baby body and beauty through their Belo Hot Mama Post-Pregnancy Program. Initially, you book for a consultation with a Belo MD depending on your preferred Belo clinic. From there you get to create along with a trusted Belo MD your very own Belo Hot Mama program based on your concerns.


Dark spots and pigmentation

Lighten darkened areas of the body such as underarms, groin and nape with Revlite, the all time favorite lightening laser treatment or Picosure, the most premium and fastest laser for depigmentation. Achieve fairer and smoother skin with Body Scrub with Bleach. For take home product you can indulge your darkened skin in, try our hot-seller Belo Whitening Cream.

Post-baby belly

Are you like most women who are surprised they still look like they’re a few months pregnant even after giving birth? That round, flabby tummy called “post-baby belly” takes a lot of time to fully disappear after pregnancy. And sometimes that pregnancy pouch never goes away entirely on its own. Zap away unwanted bulges and excess fats with Exilis, a favorite RF treatment of those who want to tighten tummy area post pregnancy. A popular new treatment in the US, SculpSure specifically targets stubborn fats in just 25 minutes and result are seen in as early as 6 weeks with optimal outcome in 12 weeks. These non-surgical treatments can be combined with BeloHerbal Diet Pills, our all-natural supplement pills prescribed by our doctors, are proven to boost weight loss in a safe and healthy way.

If you opt to go the surgical way, like many of our female patients who want to instantly lose the bulging caused by fats on the tummy area from pregnancy, our Laser Lipo can just be right treatment for you. In just 2 hours, fat that you or your partner teasingly pinches will be permanently removed so your body is better shaped, and you can go back to your normal waist line.

Stretch marks & loose skin

Make those unwanted marks less noticeable! Our Picosure and Fractional C02 treatments are best for eliminating stretch marks developed usually around the stomach, chest, belly bottom and thighs after pregnancy.

In the case of minor laxity, non-surgical skin tightening treatments like Exilis and the newest Thermilift can be done. A go-to surgical alternative called Tummy Tuck (or “mommy tuck” as it’s commonly referred to abroad), is for moms who have excess, sagging skin and fat in the lower abdomen that non-surgical treatments, diet or exercise cannot completely eliminate.


Put a stop to this embarrassing skin issue and prevent it from growing or spreading to other parts of your body or to your loved ones with our precise and scar-less Carbon Dioxide Laser treatment.

Dull skin & tired appearance

Did your pregnancy glow suddenly disappeared after giving birth due to stress and lack of sleep which led to dull skin all over? Get back your most-desired elusive healthy glow with IV Glutathione and Multi-vitamin Infusion for energy booster, immunity and radiant skin. Then, pamper yourself with Wet and Dry Dermabrasion for that irresistible soft as a baby skin your partner would definitely love! Rejuvenate not only your body but also your face with facial cleaning (Glycopeel for oily and acne-prone skin and Honey Almondfor dry and sensitive skin), Instalift (instantly tighten, lift and contour loose facial skin), or HydraFacial (for fresh-looking, well-hydrated and soft to touch skin).


I’ve experienced all 5 post-baby issues after giving birth to both my kids. Though I’ve come to accept my battle scars aka (stretch marks), I couldn’t help but feel like I’m a momma kangaroo with my preggy pouch (aka puson). My tummy–particularly lower abdomen–has always been my insecurity even before I became a mom. So when Belo asked me what my top most concern was– it’s definitely my preggy pouch. To address this concern of mine, they let me try one of their treatments that’s part of their Belo Hot Mama Post-Pregnancy Program, the Exilis.


Took my measurements prior to doing the Exilis.


I consulted with Dr. Carlo Lozada who told me that loose skin & preggy pouch are really some of the concerns of most moms who go to Belo. He recommended I do the Exilis because it not only targets fat but also sculpts and tightens.



EXILIS is a new body contouring and skin tightening machine. This makes use of focused RF technology to treat jowling, loose skin on the neck and décolletage area. It can also help fat and flabby abdomen, back, arms, legs and knees. It uses safe thermal waves to heat your skin and target fat cells. The Exilis dual energy delivery speeds up the metabolic activity of the fat cells and cause them to shrink. At the same time, the Exilis stimulates and strengthens the collagen network which improves skin laxity and texture.


Initially I was scared to try it because it had me at “warm sensation”. I don’t have high tolerance so I always assume the worst when it comes to treatments that emits heat or have any pricking involved. Though Exilis doesn’t have any pricking or poking, the heat radiating through the hand-held device was something that made me anxious. But I’m glad it was bearable save for the areas with thin skin aka stretch marks. I did feel the heat as if my skin had contact with a flat iron. Thankfully, my therapist has been handling Exilis for quite a while now so when she saw me wince (I think I made a weird, funny face) and felt my tummy contract, she immediately stopped and put more oil. For the remaining minutes she would go swiftly over my lower abdomen so I won’t feel the heat linger in that area.

My therapist started on the left side and ended on the right side of the tummy.  I didn’t feel the heat as much during the first few minutes, maybe because of how my therapist massaged my tummy with the Exilis. Funny though because I had mixed emotions during my first session. It was like doing ab workout (because I was contracting my tummy to keep me occupied) while feeling ticklish at the same time. It was a good distraction not to focus much on the bearable heat. The treatment made me realize that I’m more ticklish on my right side than my left (gusto nyo yung may learning ako about myself?!). Heehee. The Exilis treatment lasted for 45 minutes and Dr. Carlo advised me that it’s normal to see redness and feel warm on the treated area but surprisingly, I didn’t had that post-treatment effect.


The effect is immediate. Overall, I lost 1.8 inches around my tummy! Yeeees. Dr. Carlo said it’s best to do 4-6 sessions every 1-2 weeks to see maximum results. Since I was pretty happy with my initial result, I’ll be doing 3 more sessions to see what 4 sessions of Exilis can do to my tummy.


Surprised that I can endure a little heat all for the love of having a better looking tummy! Heehee. But really, I’m glad Belo offers services like these to help mommas like me get a boost of self-confidence and get that #BeloHotMama body. I’ll update you on a another post after I’m done with my remaining Exilis sessions. I’ll be posting my measurements and photos so you can help me see if there’s a difference. I’m excited and a bit anxious at the same time!

Exilis Elite starts at Php 8,000. If you’re interested to learn more about it, book a consultation at a Belo clinic near you.



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      Hi Leana! It depends on what treatments the Belo doctor would advise you to get. Like I said on my post, there’s no specific Belo Hot Mama Program. It would depend on your concerns. Best to schedule a consulation. 🙂


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