#DunlopilloMoments With Andi & Olivia Reyes

People spend about a third of their day in bed – whether that time is spent blissfully slumbering or tossing and turning – partly depends on the mattress you have.

In a survey commissioned by the National Sleep Foundation, 92% of people admitted that a comfortable mattress is important in getting a good night’s sleep. Unfortunately, not all feel the need to invest in a good mattress until it’s too late or when they start experiencing restless nights and back problems.


“A mattress can impact a person’s sleep. When you lack a good shuteye, it affects you both physically and emotionally,” said Jam Chan, managing director of Ital Design Furniture, the exclusive distributor of Dunlopillo in the Philippines. “With over 85 years of scientific research and innovation, Dunlopillo mattresses provide superior comfort and support. We are proud to launch our newest product that will help you get the good night’s sleep that you deserve – the Talasilver Wave.”


The launch of Dunlopillo Talasilver Wave was held at Aruga by Rockwell in Makati. It was an intimate brunch with Dunlopillo’s prettiest mom-daughter celebrity endorser, Andi & Oliva Reyes.Dunlopillo_JackieGo_6

I’m seated in front of Andi & Olivia and I couldn’t help but gush over how cute Olivia is! She’s beyond charming and her mom, Andi is such a hands-on momma–feeding her all while simultaneous chatting with the guests.Dunlopillo_JackieGo_7

Oliviaaaaaa! You make me want to have another baby girl! Heehee.


The Revolutionary Latex

The Talasilver Wave is produced using a revolutionary latex technology that involves electromagnetic waves to vulcanize latex from the inside out. This advanced technology sets Talasilver Wave apart from the current mattresses in the market.


Talasilver Wave’s unique design allows you to move freely as you sleep without compromising body support and comfort. It also aligns the spine for optimal blood circulation and reduces one’s tendency to toss and turn in sleep. The mattress allows for excellent ventilation and air circulation. It keeps the body’s temperature at a comfortable level, thus offering good quality of sleep throughout the night.


Moreover, Talasilver Wave boasts of the Nano-Silver Technology that eliminates and prevents growth of 99.9% harmful bacteria. It also has the best ecological footprint, setting the benchmark in the entire latex history.


Now I wanna change our mattress to Dunlopillo! Congratulations Jam on a successful launch. 🙂





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