Lady’s Choice Spread #ChickenOrBeef

My kind of my snack when I was a kid was pretty simple–a sandwich with nothing but Lady’s Choice mayonnaise. Yep. I’m that kid. When I was young, I like mayonnaise so much that my sisters would often tease me– how I seem to smell like it even if I wasn’t eating mayo at the moment. So it was no surprise to me when I find my daughter wanting the same snack like I did growing up.

Basic sandwich is what my kids enjoy for snack. Whether they help themselves while at school or at home, their favorite is something that not only fill their tummies but also makes their day. The other day classes were suspended, so to enjoy our afternoon at home, I surprised my kids by letting them prepare their own snack. They got even more excited when they saw what was waiting for them on the table.


They can’t hide the excitement on their faces when they saw the latest variants of Lady’s Choice. Chicken BBQ or Roast Beef? It was a tough call to make for both of my kids like chicken and beef. But their fondness towards each other prevailed and instead of fighting over a particular variant, they both decided to choose differently.


All smiles as they prepare their own snack. It’s not often that they get to do this since they’re busy in school.


Juro is Team Chicken and Gabbie is Team Beef

I’ve prepared a few additional ingredients to help them come up with their own sandwiches but to my delight, my kids really are like me, they want nothing else but Lady’s Choice spread. I guess I’ll save those easy-to-do sandwich recipes I’ve been excited to try on another post. For now, I’ll let them enjoy Lady’s Choice Chicken BBQ & Roast Beef spread on their hot pandesals.


Chicken BBQ spread has a sweet and tangy flavor that my son likes.

While Roast Beef is all about being savory & creamy. Lil’ Ms. JG can’t believe a spread can have so much beefy goodness.LadysChoice_ChickenOrBeef_JackieGo

You’ll always be the best, Lady’s Choice. So glad that my kids like your new variants as much as I do. I’ve prepared my own sandwich–a dollop of Lady’s Choice Roast Beef spread, crispy greens, tomato, scrambled egg and a strip of cheese. Sarap! Feeling ko I having a gourmet roast beef sandwich talaga. No photo lang though because I inhaled it even before realizing that I should’ve taken a photo. When I whip it again, I’ll be sure to share a photo of it. 😉


Team Chicken BBQ or Team Roast Beef? My kids say, both!


I’m always for no-brainer, easy-to-whip up meals and snack time is no exemption. Adding these two variants to our favorite Lady’s Choice spreads! #ChickenorBeef why not both? 🙂

Lady’s Choice Chicken BBQ & Roast Beef spreads are available at leading supermarkets nationwide.





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