Mother’s Day Weekend

My family & I spent Mother’s Day weekend like any other weekend. But I have to say, it’s probably one of the busiest Mother’s Day weekend I’ve had. 7 years celebrating it and this is by far the most memorable one–well aside from the first time I celebrated it the year my kids were born.


You see, Mr. JG planned something big for Mother’s Day weekend–renovate our bathroom.

My husband likes fixing our home. Yung tipong maisipan lang nya bigla, gagawin na nya agad-agad!


He drew his idea of a bar/nook and the next thing I know, he’s commissioned someone to work on it! Ayan, instant work area/coffee bar for us!

So his latest project was our bathroom! He was busy the weekend of Mother’s Day ‘coz of this. According to him, this is his Mother’s Day gift for me. Umm, Hun di ba ikaw yung OC when it comes to bathroom?! Yung totoo, early Father’ Day gift mo ba to for yourself? Heehee!

Work in progress.

For people like us who live in a condominium, there’s really nothing we can do about the limited space but to maximise it. We changed the tiles & flooring and added a bathroom cabinet to make more storage. Choosing the right tiles can be very difficult–especially if you’re indecisive like I am–but once you’ve chosen, and once they’re installed, they make a huge difference in the way your bathroom looks and feels.

So while the husband was busy with his weekend project, I took time to celebrate Mother’s Day my way.


No day for me is complete without working out. 

My Pilates essentials: Toesox gloves, Nike studio wraps, and Lock & Lock Line tumbler.


After my 60-minute workout, I freshened up and went straight to Belo for an afternoon of pamper.


Lakas maka-donya the moment I arrived at Belo!


It was my first time at Belo & I was pretty excited to experience their service so I documented it. You can read about it HERE.


Come Saturday, I was invited by Celebrity Mom for an intimate lunch to celebrate Mother’s Day.



Here I was with Stephanie Zubiri-Crespi, Celebrity Mom EIC, Maricel Laxa-Pangilinan and Bianca Santiago. We were caught on camera as we candidly talked about our respective families.

The thing is, this was supposed to be a surprise lunch that Celebrity Mom had for us. Each momma was surprised by their families, save for me because my husband was stuck at home manning our bathroom renovation along with our kids. Na-surprise ako na hindi ako na-surprise. Hahahaha. But it was okay. I knew they won’t make it naman the moment I left home for they were busy & I honestly wanted some time out for myself since I know I’ll be celebrating with them the next day.


I together wiith Maite Uy, Marketing Director & Group Publisher of One Mega Group and Maricel Pangilinan of Celebrity Mom. Thank you again ladies for having me. It was such a delight to have spent an afternoon with you and the rest of the moms!

I take me-time seriously so I went all out that day. So to prepare for my talk the next day, I went to Design Studio for my much needed hair treatment.


I also had my nails done. OMG, this La-Z Boy is everything! It’s always one of the things I look forward to every time I visit Design Studio Salon.MomsDay2016_JackieGo_9

Thanks for the Mother’s Day treat Design Studio! Fresh hair & lovely gel nails. So looking forward to my next visit! 🙂

On Sunday, I had the privilege to share my story as a young mom to fellow moms during the All About Moms event by Robinsons Galleria.

I drove myself to the the event because Mr. JG was still busy with our bathroom renovation and I had my kids take their usual afternoon nap. I like driving on Sundays ‘coz traffic is lighter. It’s actually a good way to celebrate Mother’s Day.


It’s become a habit of mine to bring water and snacks whenever I’m out and about. Yes, may baon akong vegetable crackers in the car & sometimes chocolates in my bag. Teehee. And because I love bringing my own water, I was thrilled when Lock & Lock gifted me my very own Line tumbler. Thanks for the Mother’s Day gift!

The new Lock & Lock Line tumbler is sleek & sophisticated–I’ve been lugging it around wherever I go. I have a dozen tumblers at home and while most of them are one and the same, Lock & Lock Line is one of a kind. It’s insulated, keeping liquid cool for at least six hours. Also, it has a removable strainer which keeps ice cubes from being in contact with your teeth (finally!) & prevents you from swallowing loose tea leaves. Whether you want your beverage hot or cold, the Line tumbler is ideal for anyone who wants his/her favorite beverage (may it be coffee, juice, tea or water) on the go.

Back to how I spent Mother’s Day…


So I arrived at Robinsons Galleria an hour before my slot. This gave me plenty of time to chill backstage. I forgot to bring the book I’m currently reading but I made do with the eBook on my phone I’m trying to finish. A few minutes and pages after, another fellow mom and my partner in pain, (we call each other partner ‘coz we used to attend Pilates classes together last year) CNN host & celebrity Angel Jacob arrived.


So nice catching up with you again, Angel!

More, more chika with her and the next thing we knew, it was her time to go on stage. She spent her 15-minutes well as she talked about her motherhood journey. #pegforever

Shortly after, it was my turn!

Seeing the crowd of moms who seem to be celebrating Mother’s Day longer than I do, I realize, they have more stories to share than me. So I scrapped the speech I prepared and instead talked from the heart and shared my motherhood journey as a young mom. It was refreshing to see fellow moms nod in unison as I share my failures and triumphs as a mom. Nakakatuwa knowing we are all in the same page when it comes to motherhood talaga. We all have one thing in common– we all just want what’s best for our children.

It was such a delight to share my motherhood journey. Though I am only just starting, I hope I was able to help moms realize that having time for themselves isn’t an act of selfishness but instead a way to take care of themselves which in return will help them be able to take great care of their own families.

LockNLockPH_JackieGo_4I, together with fellow mom, Angel Jacob with that afternoon’s host, Guts Munion. Thank you Technicolor Events & Robinsons for having us! Angel & I had so much fun sharing our stories and have even picked up a thing or two from the moms in the audience who also shared their own motherhood stories.


I capped off Mother’s Day by celebrating with my own family. I can say it was the busiest Mother’s Day weekend for me yet it was a good one. Thanks Wilkins for sending this lovely bouquet of flowers! I’d also like to thank those to sent some Mother’s Day treats for me to enjoy.

Thank you Toblerone Philippines, Honeybon Cafe for the yummy carrot cake, Etude House for my Mommy Kit, Rustan’s for the Amazonas sandals, Fully Booked & Press Cafe for the Tres Leches cake & book, Manuka Health Philippines for the honey & throat spray (I’ll be sharing my experience separately), Troll Beads for my bracelet, Paper & Co. for the notebooks, Nido 3+ for the cupcake bouquet, KitKat for my rubies & Max’s Restaurant for my personalised chocolate cake. Thank you also ARC PR, Bridges PR! I am so spoiled rotten by all of you! Thank you so much for being so thoughtful. 🙂


Thank you also Uber for delivering this preserved Te Amo rose, Hallmark for my stationary set, Made In Candy for the sweet Mom’s Day candies, & Celebrity Mom for the Shu Uemura goodies! I feel so much appreciation from you all! 🙂

And thank you again Lock & Lock for sending my very own Line tumbler. For someone who has an active lifestyle, I don’t drink much water. So I make sure I bring a bottle with me whenever I’m out and about. Have your tumbler laser-engraved at the store when you purchase! To know more, follow Lock & Lock Philippines on Facebook & Instagram.

It’s still May so I’m still greeting all the moms out here a Happy Mother’s Day! *virutal hug!*

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