Le Cool To Travel

Holidays for the GJGs usually mean traveling. But this year, we decided to travel earlier to test if we can manage doing so with two kids. I’ll share with you all our Hong Kong adventures on a separate post as I have so much to tell. Nonetheless, this post is perfect if you are one who is planning on traveling over the holidays.

If you plan to do so, make sure you wear something that’s appropriate for your destination. Check the weather to see what you should pack and what you should wear (read about my packing tips). As I always say, it has to be comfortable yet still brings out your personality.


Hong Kong has been a default place to travel for us during the holidays. It’s cold, it’s near and it has tourist sites that a family will enjoy visiting. This outfit is perfect to wear in HK, especially during December-January when it’s cold and breezy.
TravelPlaid2You can never go wrong with a chic sweater and plaid pants.

TravelPlaid1Pair this outfit with a standout shoes like my Dr. Martens floral boots and you’re ready to jet set!

TravelPlaid3Trying my editing skills. Heehee.





TravelPlaid17Can’t get enough of this plaid pants! It fits perfectly and the material? Soft and breezy so suitable for traveling.

And when you’re traveling with an adorable lil’ companion, it’s also nice to dress her up.
TravelPlaid5Here’s my muse, my chic baby girl who loves dressing up as much as I do.
TravelPlaid6No art directions needed with this superstar. She gladly posed for me! Did I mention she took my photos? Yes she did! I had the camera mounted on a tripod and she did all the clicking!
TravelPlaid12You would want your lil’ traveler to be as comfortable as possible so dress her in clothes that is easy to change, should there be a need to. Choose soft fabrics and not too tight clothes for your lil’ one. She can be as hyper all she wants but at least she would still feel cozy.
TravelPlaid11A scarf is an essential tool as it can serve many purpose.
TravelPlaid13My lil’ Ms. GJG decided to wear her favourite bag to match her outfit. I couldn’t agree more that it goes along perfectly.

TravelPlaid7I like that somehow Gabbie & I do matchy-matchy outfits from time to time, but I don’t like it too matchy. I still want her to have her own look. So I add or change some elements to make it interesting, leaving only a key piece that can make the look cohesive.

TravelPlaid8So thankful for self-timer. Since no one can take our photos, we just had to make it work. Tim Gunn would be so proud! ;)


TravelPlaid10We’re definitely le cool to travel.


Clothes are all from MANGO & MANGO Kids

Whether you’re traveling within the Philippines, somewhere in Asia or any other part of the world, check out the clothes from MANGO. Visit their SM MOA branch where you can shop for the entire family.

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