I’m A Mother Packer: Tips On Packing When Traveling With Kids

I believe all mothers are great packers. I dub myself as a mother packer! When I was single, I tend to over pack. Even if it’s a three days, two nights getaway, I make sure I have at least five sets of clothes, three different pairs of shoes and my toiletries that needed a separate bag of its own. But when I became a mom, everything changed. I am now more OC when it comes to packing for my kids. As I always say- I’d rather forget packing my undergarments but I will never forget all the things I must bring for my kids. Thankfully, this hasn’t happened yet. Heehee.

Anyway, I’m sharing a few tips on how I pack for my kids even if it’s just an overnight stay, I still make sure I have everything they need. Kulang na lang i-pack ko ang buong bahay. Paker! 😉

First off, you need to determine where you’re staying. 

Are you staying at a hotel or a house? It is important to know so you would know what to bring. Check the bathroom if there’s a bathtub (are you comfortable bathing your kids in it?) or if there’s a baby cot (would you need to bring your child’s crib if there’s none?).

Second, know the weather.

Knowing the climate of the place you’re going will greatly determine what you should need to bring. Is it cold? Is it warm? Clothes and accessories you need to bring depends on the weather of your destination. You don’t want to dress in shorts while it’s sixteen degrees cold would you? Better safe than sorry.

Third, make a checklist.

It pays to write down what you need to bring. So hard to constantly think about all the things you need to bring with you on your trip. Better make a checklist as to what essentials you need.



Tops & Bottoms (could be shirts, blouses, shorts, skirts depending on your child)

Undergarments, Socks & Diaper (if applicable)

Pyjamas or Sleepwear

Jackets, Swimwear, Scarves, Hats

Shoes & Slippers

Bath towels (if you’re sensitive to use those from the hotel for your kids)


Toothbrush & Toothpaste

Shampoo & Conditioner

Soap & Facial Wash

Lotion or Cologne (if you apply these on your child)

Hair Brush

Mosquito Repellant Patch

Petroleum Jelly (the basic ointment you can use for your child if he/she has an insect bite or a diaper rash)

Bath Mat (those anti slip mat can come in handy)

Cotton, Cotton Buds, Wipes



Baby Bottles & Bottle Cleaner (if applicable)

Toys that can pacify your kids

First aid kit

Medicines (paracetamol, anti-histamine)

Chargers of gadgets (iPad, camera)

Lastly, pack to fit.

Use tools that can help you fit all those essentials into your luggage. My favourite would have to be zip locks!

MotherPacker1You can get these at most grocery stores or better yet at those 88 pesos store (Japan Home or Daiso). I usually pack a few extras just in case I need to zip & pack something. Heehee.
MotherPacker2Organizers. Easy to pack and sort things so that you won’t have to remove everything one by one inside your luggage especially those piled under.

MotherPacker8Put reusable bags to use. To pack diapers, undergarments, or shoes. Use it as a laundry bag, put your used clothes to separate them from those unused.
MotherPacker3When traveling, bring along sachets and travel size packs of toiletries instead of the regular sized ones.


MotherPacker5Pack according to use. All soaps, all moisturisers and lotions. You can also pack according to packaging. All sachets and all travel-size bottles.

MotherPacker7Don’t forget to pack your kids’ medicines (in zip lock of course) just in case of emergency.

MotherPacker9I never forget to pack my kids favourite snacks. These have keep them calm during our flight and at times when they’re grumpy and hungry. 🙂


Another tip I’ve heard is to roll your clothes instead of folding them flat to give more space. I tried doing that before but I find it easier to just pack the clothes as is. Less chance of wrinkled clothes and less effort too. So happy to report that I managed to pack everything my kids need with extra clothes to boot! And they all fit in one luggage, yay! 🙂

I hope these tips will help you easily pack for your family. Feel free to share yours on the comments section at the end of this post. Remember, when traveling with or without kids, just pack light. If you can, fill only half of your luggage so you have space for the things you shopped for. 🙂




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