The Gos In Hong Kong

So after a month from our quick getaway, I get to sort out and share our lil’ adventure. Here’s the story behind this trip- it was actually Mr. GJG’s birthday gift to me.

Mr. GJG: Happy birthday hun!

Me: Thanks hun! Now where’s my gift?! Gimme, gimme!

Mr. GJG: We’re going to Hong Kong. The E-tickets are in your laptop.

Me: *Excitedly opens my laptop* OMG OMG OMG! (In a super happy way)

Mr. GJG: We’re scheduled to leave on our anniversary.

Me: Sweet naman, sakto 5 years! *While I’m imagining our shopping spree, steady vacation together as a couple*

Then I checked the E-tickets and sees there are four tickets!

Me: OMG OMG OMG! We’re bringing the kids?! *panic mode*

Don’t get me wrong, I super love my kids. But I’m actually looking forward to a quick getaway with only Mr. GJG. So I was shocked when I learned we’re bringing the kids along with us. My excitement shifted into panic for we’ve never traveled as a family of four. Our last family trip was in Singapore and Juro wasn’t even conceived yet (or so we thought). That’s why I was scared to travel with two kids and with only my husband & I, no other extended family with us because traveling with a kid is a challenge, what more with two in tow?

After processing that we are indeed travelling with the kids, my next reaction was to plan on packing. OMG, I have to pack for four! Oh, I wrote about my packing tips pala just in case you want to check.

Anyway, here’s a look at our HK adventure. Primarily, we went there just to bring the kids to Hong Kong Disneyland. After all, we only stayed there for three days.

Warning: photo overload. Pagbigyan na bilang a picture tells a thousand words. For that, more, more thousand words to come! 😉

HongKong2013Gabbie carefully examining the parked planes in the hangar. She immediately ran towards where I was having my coffee, saying “Mom, you know the airplane is so, so big. But when we see it in the sky, it’s so, so small.”

HongKong20132First family photo after we’ve boarded the plane. This is the closest as I can get to a decent one.

HongKong20131Killing boredom. Reading the safety guidelines. As she does, she keeps on asking me questions about the illustrations and even giving her own interpretation of it. Too cute!

HongKong20133After take off, lil’ Ms. GJG immediately asked if she could draw because she’s bored. Ayan na!

HongKong20135Lil’ Mr. GJG enjoying the view- fluffy clouds and the plane’s wing. It was a beautiful day to fly.

HongKong20134The iPad helped us a lot in containing them in their proper seats. Lil’ Ms. GJG was behave as always but lil’ Mr. GJG wanted to go down and walk! They had fun learning and playing with numbers and letters during the one hour plane ride, so I believe it is an essential when travelling with kids.

IMG_4494-2Three essential things you need to have in your bag when travelling: ANMA Lifestyle leather travel wallet that can hold your passport, tickets, documents and money, Lotte Xylitol gum to freshen your breath and prevent cavities and a chic donya shades- my Prada Baroque in round tortoise.

HongKong20136MTR is our mode of transportation while in Hong Kong. You see how organized their lines? Our hotel is located at Tseung Kwan O MTR station in Kowloon East, which is one of the stops of the purple line. If you can see Disneyland, being at the orange line, it’s quite far from our hotel. We had to change lines three times but still, it’s way cheaper than riding a cab.

IMG_4790-2Inside the MTR heading to our hotel. It’s not an unusual sight to see people riding the train with luggages as there are a lot of travellers in Hong Kong.

HongKong20137After four interchanges and about a handful of train stations, we’ve reached our hotel. The Crowne Plaza in Kowloon East. It’s situated above Tsueng Kwan O station and is conveniently located beside Popcorn Mall.

I love that we got an upgrade to a corner suite. Sweet!


IMG_4817-2My kids really love staying in at hotels. Look at how at home they feel.


IMG_4862-2Our corner view. Tseung Kwan O school and hospital were on the right side, while on the left, there’s a huge park where old folks get to do Tai Chi and babies and toddlers get to stroll around the elevated park. I wish we have one here in Manila. So nice to just walk around and breathe fresh air no?

IMG_4809-2I love our bathroom! I wish ours back home was this big.

IMG_4813-2Bath tub! I want my own.




IMG_4843-2So lovely to see my kids appreciate the simple things.


IMG_4853-2Capturing moments like this. Priceless.




IMG_4883-2After putting our luggages and having a quick lunch, we head out to visit Harbour City.

HongKong20138 HongKong20139


HongKong201311Christmas Disney set up along the harbour. Gabbie immediately said “Mom, take my picture with Stitch.”

More photos of my chic baby girl. Whenever she sees something that interests her, she’d immediately pose beside it, waiting for me or her Dad to take her photo.






All that walking while baby carring made us dead tired, we retired shortly after in our hotel room since we were to wake up early the next day for Disneyland.

Now for some Disneyland photos!

HongKong201317It was a perfectly sunny day when we visited Disneyland. We expected the breeze would be cold but it wasn’t, so our jackets were of no use.

HongKong201318Striking a pose before entering the happiest place on earth!

HongKong201319This distinct Gabbie pose was something she saw somewhere and now she’s so fond of doing it.

HongKong201320My gwapito in Disneyland!

IMG_4281-2Since we didn’t bring any stroller for this trip, we had to rent a stroller for HK $90.


IMG_4285-2Lunch at Plaza Inn that serves Chinese food.








IMG_4896-2And we’re off to Adventureland!

IMG_4923-2Yun totoo, we don’t have a family photo together in Disneyland and we weren’t able to fully explore the magical place. We have to consider that there are only a few rides/ attractions that my one year old can experience. When Mr. GJG wanted to ride Space Mountain, he did by himself as I watched the kids. Ganun ang set up! Heehee.








IMG_4328-2My brave lil’ cutie pie! The American girl across us who was about 8 years old got really frightened when the ride started. She kept on crying the whole time. I was actually expecting Gabbie might follow suit but surprisingly she enjoyed it!


IMG_4346-2Owl love!

IMG_4347-2Amazing details on these glass-blown figurines.
IMG_4951-2Despite being a weekday, Disneyland was packed during our visit. A lot were also Pinoys on vacation. So feeling ko nasa Pinas lang kami heehee.

IMG_4332-2Mickey Mouse waffle!




IMG_4966-2Winnie The Pooh



IMG_4963-2Mickey Mouse & Friends

IMG_4981-2Disney Princesses! Aurora, Snow White, Cinderella and Belle.



IMG_4985-2The Jungle Book

IMG_4343-2Toy Story


IMG_4339-2Lilo & Stitch

IMG_5010-2The Golden Mickeys


IMG_4357-2Beauty & The Beast

IMG_4352-2The Hunchback of Notre Dame


IMG_5016-2It’s A Small World.






IMG_5046-2Philippines represent!

IMG_5061-2Donald’s Symphony.

IMG_4940-2The Lion King Live.


IMG_4380-2We survived Disneyland because of we rented a stroller and I was wearing a comfortable pair of shoes.

IMG_4381-2Wearing my Yosi Samra tumbled leather in navy. So buttery soft on my feet!

IMG_4383-2Despite walking around the entire day, my lil’ Ms. GJG was still hyper even when we’re about to say good bye to Disneyland.



IMG_4407-2To celebrate our Wedding Anniversary, we had dinner at Crystal Jade located inside Popcorn Mall. I so love that Mr. GJG choose a hotel where there’s a mall adjacent to it. It’s so convenient to eat and shop!


IMG_4417-2Spicy Wonton is always my favourite.

IMG_4418-2Xiao Long Bao.

IMG_4419-2Something vegetable. I forget the name but it was delicious!

IMG_4420-2Steamed Duck.



IMG_4463-2Prawn Coated With Salted Egg. Noms.

Our last day was mainly dedicated to shopping at Popcorn mall and at the airport.

I’ve spotted some things that interested me, like this Agnes B. Cafe which I wanted to try but hadn’t 🙁


Star Cinema o!IMG_4448-2

IMG_4437-2Quick grocery at Marketplace by Jason.

IMG_4257-2Look at what I found! Lotus Biscoff biscuits for only HK$ 17.8 roughly around 100 php lang each! So I hoarded. Ahihi.

Of course, we had to stop by Sasa!

IMG_4432-2Travel sizes from your favourite cosmetics brands. Choose your pick! LOL

IMG_4434-2Clinique, Estee Lauder, Clarins, SK-II, Lancome and Shiseido.

IMG_4436-2K-Palette & Fairy Drops.

IMG_4435-2Kiehl’s Lip Balms in different flavours!

IMG_4431-2Kiehl’s in Popcorn Mall still have stocks of their Acai line! I had to get a bottle of the Damage Correcting Moisturizer as it really works well on my skin! Too bad, there’s only one bottle left. When I checked their store at the airport, they didn’t have na 🙁 According to the SA both in Hong Kong and in Manila, Kiehl’s is having a problem producing their Acai line mainly because of the quality of Acai berries. They cannot find a good supplier daw that’s why its temporarily unavailable (or discontinued?) Noooo. Dapat pala I should ask friends from different parts of the world to get me some!

IMG_4468-2Mickey Mouse x Dooney & Burke bags were on sale at the Disneyland store at the Hong Kong airport.

That’s it! To summarize, our trip was the quick getaway that we needed. Although I just have to say that it wasn’t all fun. It was mostly tiring and lakas maka-ubos ng glamour. But seeing my kids so happy and enjoying themselves in an unfamiliar place made it all worth it. Nonetheless, I am very grateful for the chance that we get to travel as a family.

Now, I cannot wait for our next family adventure! 🙂

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