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Did you know that roughly, one third of the food produced in the world for human consumption every year gets lost or wasted? That’s approximately 1.3 billion tons. source

Billion tons of food wasted and it’s a sad, sad truth. I know we can’t really change everything over night. But as an individual, we can do our part in helping reduce food waste.

If you’ve read the tips I shared when it comes to menu planning and supermarket day and have tried to implement it in your own way then you’re one step closer to reducing food waste in your own home.

I’ve been a better person in the kitchen, a better homemaker and a better mom. Actually, I’m a #betterme because of the system that I follow. It has greatly helped me in reducing food waste in our household. Gone are the days when I cram and randomly think about what to serve to my family. Gone are the days when I would cook so much food and leave it for days in the refrigerator, until it becomes spoiled and eventually, thrown away.

Planning a menu and having one makes it easy for me to prepare meals for my family.

Scheduling supermarket day with a full stomach is a good way to focus on buying only the things you need.

Food preparation doesn’t have to be tiring. For fruits and vegetables that are too big or too much, think of another dish that you can cook & make use of the extra servings.

Batch cooking can help you save time and lets you be efficient and productive in the kitchen. Better if you have a double burner stove so you can cook simultaneously. Simmer a dish while you sauté another. This lets me spend more time with my lil’ GJGs because I wouldn’t have to cook everyday.

Aside from knowing how to properly store and freeze food, recycling and reinventing dishes can also help reduce food waste.

A good example of recycling dishes is our favorite sautéed vegetables. My lil’ GJGs love sayote, carrots, and broccoli but sometimes, sauté isn’t enough. For times when they request for a new dish, this sneaky momma recycles it into vegetable fried rice. I just add their favorite chicken nuggets and they’re set to enjoy their lunch.



My happy lil’ campers enjoyed the “new dish” mommy served them. Yay!

I also wrote about another reinvented dish HERE.

I couldn’t reiterate enough how these tips has helped me be more organised in the kitchen and no longer a contributor to food waste. Just like me, Electrolux also believes that we can do more with less.


DoMoreWithLessGo ahead and join the Facebook challenge when it comes to thinking of ways to reduce food waste. It can be as simple and as easy as sharing your upcycling and recycling tips. Not only do you get to share your kitchen hacks, you also get a chance to win prizes from Electrolux.

You can also check out the tips I shared at Do More With Less Blogger Edition


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