Dish Reinvented With Nestlé All Purpose Cream

As a homemaker, I find myself always caught up with what to cook. When I have a busy week, I tend to resort to take outs and when I ran out of ideas for new recipes, we just dine out. This fast-paced, multi-tasking life is challenging and as a mom of two young children, it can be difficult.

Most of the time when I cook, I always notice we’re heavy on left overs. Despite cooking in small batches, what I prepared for lunch, we still eat for dinner. This “repeating of food” has been brought up by my lil’ GJGs more than a few times.

 “Mom, that’s the food kanina, I want something new!”

Kids want variety in everything and honestly, they get to eat more when they see something new- for my lil’ GJGs, they get second serving when a dish is creamy and flavourful.

One of the staple dishes I cook for my family is Beef Shank Soup, commonly known as Bulalo in The Philippines. It’s a family favorite because it’s a complete dish. It’s got meat, vegetables and soup. It’s my fail proof dish that makes everyone look forward to dinner time. I, especially prepare it on Fridays, after surviving a hectic week. Isn’t it relaxing and comforting to sip on soup and enjoy a hearty meal? Making it a perfect way to end school and work week. I’ll be blogging about my Beef Shank Soup recipe on a separate post but it’s really easy and you can search for its recipe online.

But like any other dish, we still get left overs. What’s a momma to do? I know my lil’ GJGs dislike repetitive dinner dishes so I can’t serve it again but what I can do though is reinvent the dish by using Nestlé  All Purpose Cream.

I have to admit, I use Nestle All Purpose Cream for my dessert dishes more. I myself have been using it on my Mango Float (get the recipe HERE). It wasn’t when I had two kids that I started incorporating Nestlé All Purpose Cream in making my savoury dishes more creamy and flavourful. You see my kids like creamy- as what my lil’ GJGs like to describe it- dishes, so I always make sure I stock up on Nestlé  All Purpose Cream to instantly make their favorite dishes-again as what my lil’ GJGs call it- magically cream and yummy.

What I do when I have left over beef shank? I turn it into Creamy Mushroom Beef Shank Pasta. I actually made a similar recipe HERE. I’m sharing you the recipe on how you can reinvent a dish with Nestle All Purpose Cream.


Creamy Mushroom Beef Shank Pasta


Leftover beef shank, shredded or finely chopped (drained from the soup)

1 medium sized garlic, finely chopped

5 cloves of garlic, finely chopped

1 teaspoon olive oil

3 teaspoons butter

1/4 cup sliced button mushroom

1/2 cup of cream of mushroom

1 cup Nestlé All Purpose Cream

Penne pasta (or spaghetti noodle, depending on your choice)

salt & pepper to taste

3 easy peasy steps:

Cook the pasta noodles according to instructions.

1. Saute onion and garlic in olive oil and butter.

2. Add the shredded beef shank and sauté for 2-3 minutes under medium fire, then add the button mushroom.

3. Pour the cream of mushroom and let it boil for a minute or two before adding Nestlé All Purpose Cream. Simmer for five minutes under low fire.

Top the creamy mushroom beef shank sauce on the pasta or you can just put the penne noodles on the sauce once it’s off the fire. You can opt to serve with toasted garlic bread.

If my lil’ GJGs like the food they eat, the more they really look forward to dinner time. Happy kids really make a happy mom. I’m just glad that I get to serve my family hearty, healthy and delicious meals and I even get to reinvent some dishes along the way.  Nestlé All Purpose is not only for creating delicious desserts, it’s one of the few staple ingredients in your pantry that can save you from having dull dinner time.

Got any dinner dish recipes with Nestlé All Purpose Cream? Please share as I’d love to try it!

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