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I’ve never experienced long haul flights. I never knew what jet lag feels like nor what boredom and cabin fever are because my trips out of the country are all just within Asia. But if there’s one flight-related concern I am bothered with, it’s wearing the perfect travel outfit. Travel articles and blogs would always advise us to travel light and to keep it simple. As for our travel outfits, we are warned to always go for comfort. I was once a dress/ shorts kinda girl especially when I travel but then I always end up with a wardrobe malfunction. So during my trip to Singapore last March for Olay’s press junket, I was seriously at a loss on what to wear. I wanna look decent but not too rigid. I wanna be comfortable but presentable.  So I decided to stick to basics.


When wearing a comfy outfit, choose basics that you can mix and match. Wearing jeans is fail proof so I suggest choose your favorite pair.


Layering is also the way to go when traveling. Whether you’re off to a cold or hot country, go for tank top which you can pair with a blazer, a cardigan or a jacket. You can also opt to wear a scarf instead, should a blazer be too much. In my case, I opted for a lightweight swing cardigan. Perfect coverup while waiting at the airport or while on the plane. Should the weather be unbearable, I can just tie it on my waist or on my bag.


I’m a tight fit, skinny jeans kinda girl but sometimes, wearing one gives me restrictions, making it hard for me to move freely. The solution? Boyfriend jeans. It has become my thing na tuloy. I have about three pairs in different washes. Pair this look with a black pumps and it can work for a casual meeting or dinner with your friends or colleagues.


As for colors, I prefer to go neutral and stick to black, white and gray. As much as I like colors, wearing it at the airport makes me feel like I’m a sore thumb sticking out. On a side note, I do let my kids wear something bright so it’s easy for me to spot them when we’re traveling.


When traveling, I go for right-sized bag with long straps that I can swing across my body. This makes it easier to walk around with my lil’ GJGs in tow. But since I wasn’t with them and I had work to finish, I decided to go for my ever reliable black bag that can fit my laptop, camera and other essentials.



 Let’s not forget the shoes. Wearing a comfy pair when traveling is a MUST. You don’t want your trip ruined ‘coz you can’t walk properly or you have aching feet. I don’t like bringing too many shoes when I travel. I plan my outfit based on the shoes that I can match it with. The reason behind this is because I want to buy more shoes- a very good excuse to get a new pair when you’re elsewhere!


Tank top, H&M| Swing cardigan, Giordano| Boyfriend jeans, Zara| Ballet flats, Suelas| Bag, Balenciaga| Shades, Prada| Bracelet, Pandora| Watch, Philip Stein



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