Mother’s Day Staycation At Discovery Suites Ortigas

Mother’s Day weekend for me was made extra special because I was treated like a queen. Discovery Suites invited the GJGs to experience an overnight stay, making it our home away from home two weekends ago. Discovery Suites isn’t new to me, I’ve attended a few personal and blog related events there but this was the first time we stayed overnight so I was really looking forward to sleeping on their comfy bed. Yes, for me, the bed makes the staycation really something to remember. 😉

Discovery Suites is a 220-all suite serviced apartment in Ortigas area, the first to be built in the country’s second business district. We stayed in a one-bedroom suite on the 12th floor. The moment lil’ Ms. GJG walked in, she couldn’t help but say how nice our suite was.

“It’s like our house. Look! It has a kitchen, mom!”

I think she meant to say that our suite looks like our house, only it doesn’t have any clutter. Heehee. I love the extra effort to make us feel special. Thanks for our framed photo Discovery Suites!

“Mom! There’s a bathtub!”- Lil’ Mr. GJG

“Mom, there’s two beds! One for you & daddy, one for me & Juro!”- Lil’ Ms. GJG

My lil’ GJGs are my partner in reviewing our hotel staycations. They have inputs as to whether the room is nice or the amenities good for their liking. There’s three things they consider whenever we do staycations/stay in a hotel:

1. Super comfy bed that they can jump on.

2. A nice swimming pool.

3. A bathtub.

Discovery Suites has all three of the lil’ GJGs checklist, so it’s safe to say they loved our weekend stay.

As long as my kids are happy, I am happy. But what made me happier during our Discovery Suites staycation was the pillow menu.


 A staff knocked on our door and asked for my pillow preference. I honestly have none since I’m not used to having this kind of option but I glad I tried it. I opted for a feather pillow that’s so soft and fluffy, it made me fall deeper into my slumber.

Shortly after we checked in, the lil GJGs were fetched by the Discovery Suites team for some fun activity. This gave me enough time to catch up with work and with my favorite TV shows while I indulged over a hot bubble bath. Yeeeees to me-time!


We had dinner at 22 Prime but that deserves a separate post. And because Discovery Suites really wanted me to relax and enjoy during our stay, they got the kids covered and converted one of their function rooms into a children’s room, where the kids freely played around and watched a movie, while having dinner.


After our dinner at 22 Prime, Mr. GJG & I went back to our suite and found this personalized pillow case waiting for us. Aaaaawww I love it! I also took with me the surprise of my lil’ GJGs and of my Discovery Suites family in celebration of Mother’s Day.


A sketched portrait of myself with cards by my lil’ GJGs, which they made that afternoon, partnered with a bouquet of roses and a cake. This made me feel like I am their Miss Universe! 😀

We called the night early with a smile plastered on my face and all cuddled up in our suite.

Come the next day, we woke up early for breakfast. I love buffet breakfast because I don’t really eat heavy breakfast at home since I am busy preparing it for my family. So hotel staycations are my break from breakfast duties which makes me appreciate and look forward to it even more.

Breakfast at Discovery Suites is served at Restaurant 5 located at the 5th floor.

The usual omelette, bread, pancakes, salad, fruit and cereal stations were there and a few choices of viand. I wish there were more breakfast food choices such as corned beef, tapa, bangus, bacon and the like. It would’ve made our breakfast at Discovery Suites even more pleasant. I was informed that Restaurant 5 changes their breakfast menu everyday. Let me know if you catch the Filipino breakfast favourites on your stay.


Citrus shot for my dose of Vitamin C.

After a filling breakfast, the lil’ GJGs immediately went on looking for the pool. It isn’t hard to miss as it’s just right across Restaurant 5. Armed and ready with their suits and other swimming paraphernalia, they swam to their hearts’ desire. 😀

To cap off our Discovery Suites stay, a quick baking lesson was given to us at the Kiddie Romp Room.

I was with Mish of Momma N Manila and Ro of Animetric together with their families. So their kids also participated in the quick baking demo.

Now I’m planning on doing more baking activity with lil’ Ms. GJG at home. She said she had fun mixing the dough.

“It’s like Play Doh mom!”


 With my fellow mommas Mish & Ro.

The Kiddie Romp Room is open to children from eight in the morning to five in the afternoon, daily. Perfect for guests who have kids as it’s a room made for them. My lil’ GJGs had so much playing with Ate Gia, Gelli & Kuya Diego- the kids of Mish.



If you’re looking for a good place to stay then go for Discovery Suites in Ortigas. The service is wonderful and it’s near malls and other establishments should you wish to explore the City of Pasig. Whether you’re from an island in the Philippines wanting to visit Manila or you’re an urban dweller wanting to take a break from the hustle and bustle of your neighborhood, Discovery Suites is something you should consider on your next visit to Metro Manila. Thank you so much Discovery Suites for the wonderful staycation. The GJGs had so much! Hopefully, we can visit Discovery Country Suites or Discovery Shores Boracay next time. 😉


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  1. Kaity says

    Wow! Whata celebration!(: Looks so fun and I can feel that you really felt extra special that day!(: Just want to ask, are their pools heated/warm?


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