Browsession: Tony Moly Lovely Eyebrow Pencil And Easy Touch Coloring Browcara

BROWSESSION. You can say I have it, and I know more than few women who have it too. The quest for the perfect brows is still on, like Donkey Kong (millennials ain’t gonna get this heehee). Now I’m putting to use this obsession of mine by adding a sub-category here on the blog where I’ll be featuring different brow products that I’ve come to like & love. Because well-defined brows frame a person’s face and I believe having the tools to help you achieve that #browsonfleek look is as essential as having a perfectly shaped brows. First up, Tony Moly.



Tony Moly Easy Touch Coloring Browcara Php 378.00 and Lovely Eyebrow Pencil Php178.00

There are 5 shades of Easy Touch Coloring Browcara and 6 shades of Loely Eyebrow Pencil to choose from.


My brows aren’t sparse but they could use a bit of definition–the top part needs filling. So brow pencil & brow set are usually my go-to combination when it comes to defining my brows.


Tony Moly Easy Touch Coloring Browcara 01 Light Brown and Tony Moly Lovely Eyebrow Pencil 06 Latte Brown


Hashtag no make up and no filter BUT I need brows. Hahaha!


First, I outline the top and bottom of my eyebrows using the Lovely Eyebrow Pencil. Doing this makes filling my brows easier. TonyMoly_ColoringBrowcara_LovelyEyebrowPencil_JackieGo_3

Then I brush my brow with the spoolie attached on the other side of Tony Moly Lovely Eyebrow Pencil.TonyMoly_ColoringBrowcara_LovelyEyebrowPencil_JackieGo_4

See how a bit of brow makeup can make a difference? Wait til it’s done.

Next, I use the Easy Touch Coloring Browcara–which contains Phantenol for healthy brows– to fill my brows and blend the Lovely Eyebrow Pencil. Though payoff looks nice on my hand as seen on the photo, it’s not as pigmented when applied to my brows. I think it’s because the Lovely Eyebrow Pencil overpowers the Browcara. I’ll probably try a lighter shade of it to match my current hair color and bring out the color of the Browcara more.

To make it more natural, first I brush my brow against the growth direction then I brush it back the other way. This technique I learned from a makeup artist who made my face for a shoot made my brows look fuller yet natural.


And there ya have it. Natural looking brows.

I experimented and applied Easy Touch Coloring Browcara the second time to see how it will look. My brows are more thicker and fuller, di ba? I like my brows this defined whenever I opt for a bare face–giving an I-woke-up-like-this-but-my-brows-are-on-fleek look.

Overall, I like using this duo on days when I don’t need to look too made up & just want nice looking brows.

Tony Moly Lovely Eyebrow Pencil And Easy Touch Coloring Browcara are available at all Tony Moly stores nationwide.


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