Carry Your Scent With Travalo & Perfume Pod

Don’t you hate it when you can’t carry your favorite scent all ‘coz the bottle is too big or too heavy? For the longest time, I’ve ceased bringing a bottle of perfume with me especially when I travel. I’ve always opted for the mini version to save me the trouble at the airport–where the bottle gets confiscated since they only allow one to bring nothing over 10ml of liquid.

I also don’t have a full-size perfume in my bag on a daily basis. I’ve let go of having a scent in my purse ‘coz it adds weight–it’s not really a necessity compared to my camera or battery pack. Thankfully, there’s a super easy way now to bring our favorite scent wherever we go. With Travalo & Perfume Pod, it’s possible.


Perfume Pod, 349.75 and Travalo, Php 999.75


Travalo and Perfume Pod seamlessly let your transfer your favorite perfume to a 5ml tube spray. It’s about 5 inches only–small enough to bring even when you’re wearing an evening clutch. Yaaaas!


The secret really is in the bottom of every Perfume Pod & Travalo. PerfumePod_Travalo_JackieGo_4

You simply remove the cap of the perfume and wedge it to the bottom of the Travalo or Perfume Pod. Pump it and see how every pump transports your perfume to the Travalo or Perfume Pod.


Travalo Classic steps

I like that it’s super convenient and mess-free to use–not hint of spill. I remember my sister and I used to transfer our perfumes to vial sprayer– by literally spraying the perfume on a plastic cup and using a syringe or funnel so that every drop of the perfume gets transferred to the small vial. Effort talaga! No need to go through all the hassle ‘coz Perfume Pod & Travalo are here to the rescue.


Kinda therapeutic this has become for me. I wanna transfer all my perfumes tuloy on a Travalo or Perfume Pod so I can randomly wear and carry them whenever I like. 😉

I was done in a minute! I took me 50 pumps to fill this Perfume Pod, while it took 65 pumps for me to fill the Travalo. I love it–such a convenient way for me to bring my perfume. The only thing I wish is that I have a way to clean the inside of the Travalo. You unscrew the top, unlike the Perfume Pod, so you can clean the inside if you wish to change scents. Other than this concern, I’m pretty happy with this lil’ beauty gadget.PerfumePod_Travalo_JackieGo_2

Travalo and Perfume Pods are available at Travalo 2nd floor SM North EDSA, 4th floor SM Aura, The Travel Club stores and online at Lazada. 




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