Not For Rainy Days

The unpredictable weather warrants me to put on a comfy pair of pants, tank top and a light cover up on a daily basis. This look has become somewhat my uniform, interchanging different pieces but overall still exudes that active slash lounge wear vibes.

For models, they call this their hashtag off duty look, for me it’s my hashtag mom uniform.


There are just some days when you wanna wear your pyjamas all day. Raise your hands if you feel this way! Usually, when I PMS I just wanna hibernate and eat all the junk food I want. But we gotta adult sometimes–huhuhuhuhahaha–and most of the time for hands on moms, we either stay home or we run around our neighborhood to tick off errands that seem never ending. If I could wear this everyday, I would. If Mark Zuckerberg & Steve Jobs have their “uniform” which helped them be better at work, this would be mine. Yes, daming #feels for a style post. LOL


Funny this pose because we shot this at a basement parking, I was literally looking at the entryway of the garage to check if there’s an incoming car. In fairness, keri naman yung shot.


It’s okay to wear the same color. Take my gray on gray style for instance. The difference is shade and texture works naman for me.


Jogger pants is a cool alternative to denim. I like that it’s light & airy. Wear it with sneakers for the ultimate sporty chic vibe or go casual and pair it with a structure top and strappy heels for that streetwear look.


Debuting my all white sneaker which I’ve had with me for weeks but haven’t had the courage to wear because of the crazy weather–super sunny in the morning, gloomy storm-like come afternoon. KKLK!


Again, literally looking at the entryway to spot if there are cares descending. Teehee.


Tiptoe! Tiptoe! It has become a habit that’s hard to break.



I used to have this back in the early 2000! They were selling hot like pancakes then and so are they now as they come back almost two decades after their debut. These Nikes are not just made for japorms, it’s also made for walking!



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