Coming up with a new year’s resolution is easy but doing something to accomplish what’s on the list is hard. Of all the years I’ve written one, all I ever accomplish is having the same resolution, year after year. Paulit-ulit na luuuuung eeeee. Huhubelles.

When you’re at it for years and haven’t really done anything to cross some of what’s on the list, it kinda sucks the fun in making one. But since I feel that 2016 has something big planned for me, I figured it’s time to write down goals and really do something to achieve them.

For me to really consciously do something to achieve my goals, I am sharing it here with you para shempre, I am forced to stick with it and pull through. Heehee.



My blog consumes the time I usually spend to read a book, play with my kids or organize & be more of a homemaker. Attending press events, and reviewing products take time. While this is something I like doing, I miss writing. Writing nonsense thoughts, ideas and just babbling my way one post at a time. A reader once emailed me, saying she misses reading more personal posts from my blog. I miss it too. So this year, I will make an effort to write WQ (walang kwenta) posts just because I feel like writing. I will still write the way I want to, whether my post has some Filipino in it or beki (gay) lingo. Hihi.


My handy manny husband, Mr. JG made me a breakfast nook/ bar so that I have a corner in our tiny condo where I can write and work. Now I’m more motivated. Thank you!


One of the comments I received last year was to improve my writing. A grammar nazi thought one blog post had a fluke, so she decided to check my other posts and to her dismay, my English grammar was inconsistent & confusing. So she suggested ways on how I can improve my writing skills. She said matter-of-factly that I should read more books, enroll myself to a writing class or just spell check and proof read before I hit the publish button. At first, I was perplexed that I didn’t know what to reply. I could’ve ignored it and just go on with what I’m doing but then she made me realize that she was just being honest with her constructive criticism. It was probably one of the best comments I’ve read because it prompted me to do something – to make myself a better person & blogger. I admit, I’m not very good at writing but I have so many thoughts that I want to put out here, so I guess it’s time to make an effort and learn more. And I’ll start by spell checking, proof reading and learn again basic grammar. I am also committed to learn more about myself – as what I wrote on my last post of 2015 – and learn something new this year, even if just an easy 3-step DIY or a tedious how-to something, something. Basta matuto, go!


So easy to get caught up with the things you need to accomplish everyday. Especially if you’re a stay-at-home mom like me. People think we have all the time in the world because we don’t have a 9-5 job. But the truth is, we don’t. We just tend to be better at juggling things and multi-tasking. Aminin! One minute, I’m preparing food, the next minute, I am reminded that I have to run to the bank or pay bills. All while trying to maintain a household and keeping the kids alive. Truth is, multitasking isn’t bad, it’s more of how efficient you can be doing it. Has it ever happened to you that you suddenly forget what you’re about to do or what you need to get in the room, the moment you enter it? Yes! It happens to me every. single. day. NKKLK!

So this year, I am forced to pause at least once a day, all thanks to Rica Peralejo because she sent me A Line A Day.


A Line A Day is a journal that you fill everyday with a line or two. There’s no pressure to go back to journaling and filling up an entire page, with A Line A Day, a few words or a sentence will do. Ay laveettt! This not only forces me to write, it also helps me go back to journaling and it also lets me be grateful. A full day tending to the kids or cleaning up the house can make one feel tired and stressed at the end of the day. Instead of ranting about this particular kind of day, I write down a one-liner or two and recall a moment where I feel happy, or at least grateful to be alive. 🙂

You can order your A Line A Day HERE.


Does this ring a bell? We’ve all probably heard of this as Smart Telecommunication’s famous tagline. What does it take for one to live more? Frequent or random trips to different places or countries? YOLO-ing by buying and doing what you want? Hmm. I honestly don’t know. It really depends on the situation you’re in. But for me, living more means, letting go of the little things (especially those you have no control over) and finding reasons to be grateful for. Living more for me means balancing work and play, happiness and sadness, ganyang levelz. And finally, living more for me means building relationships with people who matter most and strengthening these relationships as the years go by. Yes, parang confidently beautiful with a heart lang. Chauce!

I could make my list longer and more specific like, drink more water, sleep more, eat more healthy food, listen more, have more quality time with my kids, etc. But to be honest, these specific goals are harder to do and are forever part of my life as long term goals. I decided to stick to these four “do more” resolutions because I know that these are not something I would usually do, so mas challenging sya.

Actually, my “live more” goal was inspired by Hedgren Shades & Parallels journal.

HedgrenPlanner_JackieGo_2Well, since I do go to the gym 5 days a week, and my cheat days are weekends, there’s really no filler for me no? Hihi.
HedgrenPlanner_JackieGo_1This journal understands me. Beach or city, game ako!

The Hedgren Shades & Parallels journal has lovely illustrations as well as discount coupons from partner merchants. Aside from some helpful tips on style, you can check out the piece I wrote on how to be productive through multitasking.


My tips are pretty easy to do and they’ve helped me conquer the busiest days I’ve had. And because sharing is caring, I’m doing a quick giveaway! 5 winners will each get a Hedgren Shades & Parallels journal.

Easy as 1, 2, 3 lang to join.

  1. Like and follow Go Jackie Go on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.
  2. Like and follow Hedgren PH On Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.
  3. Share with us what’s your 2016 goal by leaving a comment on this post. It doesn’t have to be monumental, just something that you know you can achieve and do. Don’t forget to include your name and email address in your comment.

Five winners will win (1) one Hedgren Shades & Parallels Journal each. Winners must be willing to pick up their journal at Hedgren SM Megamall store. Winners will be contacted via email on when they can claim their prize.

That’s it pancit. Giveaway will run from today January 4, 2016 to January 18, 2016. Winners will be announced on Go Jackie Go’s Facebook page.




  1. Mina says

  2. says

    Hi Jackie! 🙂 Belated Merry Christmas!

    This year I promise myself to be more organized at home and at work. 🙂 It’s really a challenge for me to keep our home away from clutter cause we don’t have a help PLUS I am a working mom so taking good care of my kid while juggling work and motherhood needs a lot of discipline. I believe that once I was able to have that kind of discipline everything else will follow.

    Stephanie Vergara
    [email protected]

    • says

      Congratulations Steph! Please email me your full name, email address and contact number so I can let you know when you can pass by Hedgren store at Megamall to pick up your journal. Thank you!

    • says

      Congratulations Steph! Please email me your full name, email address and contact number so I can let you know when you can pass by Hedgren store at Megamall to pick up your journal. Thank you!

  3. says

  4. Lon Guevarra says

  5. Jing torre says

    Hi there. My main goal is to be more active. This in terms of all other aspects of life. Physically, mentally, intellectually, spiritually, etc. I think I got enough rest from a bad injury and now it is time for me to start “working” again and continue chasing my dreams where I left off before the injury happened. Thanks and more power.
    Jing Torre [email protected]

  6. Camille Quiambao says

  7. Maria Jessica Apalin says

    Happy New Year! I did 1 and 2, by the way!

    I am not into resolutions or anything ’cause I only tend to break them. Haha
    I like the way you “goaled” 2016. If that is even a term. I’d like to follow it. It makes you feel you control your life and at the same time, you also feel that you are free. It’s my kind of mix. I would just like to add “Remember More” ’cause there will be those times and situations that will make you forget these goals. I hope I can make them though and make the most out of 2016!

    Maria Jessica Apalin
    [email protected]

  8. says

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  10. Donabel Acero says

  11. says

  12. Allan Reyes says

  13. Bianca Nicole Cervania says

    To be able to save more lives this year and to find genuine happiness in charity. Being an intern at a government hospiral entails a lot of courage, strength, patience and understanding. This year id like to develop all those. 🙂

  14. Jet Reyes says

  15. Jenny Esplana says

    Jenny Esplana
    [email protected]

    As a student, my main goal this 2016 is to graduate with higher grades . I want my parents to be proud of me. I want to achieve also being a dean’s lister student again this 2nd semester through studying hard and with prayers ! I’m hoping for more blessings, good health, long life and more happy memories this 2016. Cheers !! More power to your blog GoJackieGo !!

  16. Kimberly Camille Tiu says

  17. Franz Marie Florentino says

    What would I let go of this year is my bad habit of saying or doing the “mamaya na” or “bukas na” much worst “next time na”. WHY? Because this year, I learned the importance of doing what I must do,and to prioritize important things by doing it on time without delaying that can lead to worst outcome. I know this will be a very big help for me to do more things. That’s why I need to make it a habit of doing things on time or right away because in the end, I can thank myself for making that good descision. And that is a way much cooler,right? ? #lessonlearned #YOLO #firstthingsfirst #newyearsresolution ?
    ? Franz Marie Florentino
    ? [email protected]

  18. Aysen Achurra Asuero says

    This year, I wanted to keep things simple. My humble goals this year 2016 are:
    1. Avoid overeating and try physical activities that enhance my well-being.
    2. Budget my finances and invest money where it can grow.
    3. Make use of my unique talents and develop them more.
    4. Stop comparing myself to others and let go of my insecurities.
    5. Visit new places and explore each side of it.
    6. Complain less and just enjoy the little things.
    7. Stop worrying – about what people think, about what can happen.
    8. Look for opportunities in a challenging situation and learn new skills.
    9. Choose happiness in every moment.
    10. Learn from my past and finally let go.

    By the way, Thank you for this giveaway Ms. Jackie! Have a great year ahead…

    [email protected]

    • says

      Congratulations Aysen! Please email me your full name, email address and contact number so I can let you know when you can pass by Hedgren store at Megamall to pick up your journal. Thank you!

  19. says

    I’ve set a personal goal this 2016, and it’s not as extravagant as the rest. #Stability2016. The past year has been disappointing, yet rewarding. I graduated March 2015, gave birth June 2015 and am now a freelancer trying to work my way up, while maintaining a blog that I hope to become my personal brand to help with our incomes. My son’s father was kicked out of the house, and has no support whatsoever from his family. My own family is keeping up with their expenses, while I’m trying to figure out what to do to make this year work — how to support my son, support my brand, and support my out-of-school hubby. It’s been hard I tell you. I’ve had so many nights wondering whether this will come to an end. I’d cry in a little corner at my parents’ house (where we all stay) and I just don’t know what to do at times. Everything is overwhelming. The struggle is real.

    But I know I can’t let this be our end. That’s why my goal is Stability. I just want our family to get by, to give a good enough present (and future) to our son, and to help my hubby go back to school. I feel like I’m not ready to become a breadwinner, but I know I have to step up my game and do so. I need to reorganize things, and let go of things I hold dear to get things going. I really want a bright future for my family. Some days are really disappointing and frustrating, but I find the courage and strength in my boys (and my family) to stand up and fight. Right now, I’m starting by finding a job… something stable. I need to go of freelancing, of being a work-at-home-mom, time with my boys and time for myself to help us attain stability. Wish me luck 🙂

  20. Marites Lariosa says

    You’ve got a nice list of goals there! Kudos to your blog!

    My goal for 2016 are to Do Less

    Less Stress – while stress can sometimes be a good thing (like when you hammered a sword it keeps sharp), this is something that I would like to stay away from as much as I could. I keep on finding ways on how to destress in the office and how to avoid people that causes stress.

    Less Annoyed – Annoyance can be a root of stress and therefore, it has been my mantra since the start of 2016 to always find the good in every situation. Be it a crowded MRT or bus, where I thank God, I was able to ride a moving vehicle (even if Im not seated) thinking that I will be home soon.

    Less Critical – Nobody is perfect. there will be lesser or greater person than I am. I have learned that criticisms can hurt and can ruin relationships. If feedback cannot be helped, I will do it constructively. I will not be too stingy on praises and compliments. I have learned to appreciate people and things and situations. Will continue to do just that.

    Less Impact to the Environment – this year I will be more conscious to how I take actions which directly or indirectly affect the environment. I will shop at groceries which does not use plastic bags. I will bring my own eco-bag instead. I will use the extra space on our roof deck to start planting organic vegetables. I will buy local to promote industries that are promotes sustainability.

    Weigh Less! – Started to eat in portion and started to attend gym! Learning how to cook healthy so I can share it to family and friends. This also applies to travelling light, less baggage less check in fee! Yay!!

    Thank you for sharing you blog. I hope I win one of the Hedgren Shades & Parallels Journal. Crossed fingers.

    • says

      Congratulations Marites! Please email me your full name, email address and contact number so I can let you know when you can pass by Hedgren store at Megamall to pick up your journal. Thank you!

  21. MissDoll says

    I’m so happy that I found your blog (I searched a review about the The Saem primer). This post is so motivational and I feel more encourage to excersise and enjoy life

  22. Charmaine Claro says

    I love setting goals every new year and write on a journal. It makes me feel I’m so determined to reach my goals. For this year, my ultimate goal is to graduate this year and I’ll pass the CPA Board Examination this coming October 2016. Being a CPA is my dream since when I was a little kid, so this year I am so eager to be a CPA and that will be one of my greatest achievement in my life. This journal will help me to reach my goals. Thank you and God bless. I am willing to claim the journal at SM Megamall 🙂 – [email protected]

  23. Arminda Puno De Leon says

  24. Ellen Herrera says

    2016 is a good startsomething new. Now as a mother of twins and not financially blessed but so blessed with the people around me my goal for 2016 are:
    1. Find a home base job.
    Yes! I badly needed a job to support the needs of my twins. My partner’s income is only good for our monthly amortization in the house, electric bill and water bill. I can’t work outside our home b’coz i don’t have a nanny for my twins.(Di na po kaya ng budget)
    2. Budget our monthly allowance properly.
    I need to. No more to the things that are not needed or not so important. Learn how to wait forthe right time to buy those things i want for our home, for the twins and for myself. Prioritize everything:)
    3. Make a journal. Write everything that inspires me and motivates me to be a good person and a mother.
    I love writing and i really wish to be like u too ms. Jackie that can blog everything under the sun. That will inspire the readers.
    4. Have a Me-time.
    Since i gave birth to my twins i rarely have time to myself. Feels like im “losyang na.” Im just 24 now and i know there’s a lot of opportunities that will come on my way. As a mother, full time mom i don’t want to limit myself from relaxing, go around and learning some new things. I am inspired by you Ms. Jackie and ur fellow mom blogger that i followed on i.g. Thanks to all of you.
    5. Save!
    The most difficult thing i will do this 2016. How can i save if our budget is so tight. That even the needs of my twins ei tipid pa. But then everything is possible. Spend less. Just be a “madiskarteng nanay eka nga” all those pwdng eraket ei gawin:)
    And that’s my top 5 2016 goal.
    I love to share my life story…i feel that my story woud give an idea to those young girls who engaged in a pre young pregnancy. Being a mothe is indeed not an easy task. But as for me it also brings a fulfilling joy to your life:)

  25. says

    Hi Jackie,

    Do we have winners na ba for this contest? 🙂 Haha sorry na-eexcite kasi ako sa shades and journal. If so, where can we buy the journal on the photo and how much? Thanks so much Jackie!!! ♥

  26. sherry ann gole cruz says

  27. says

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