My Christmas Family Reunion

It’s that time of the year again where I get to see my family for Christmas!

Annually, we spend our Christmas lunch at my parents’ along with my cousins and Tito and Tita from my dad’s side.


Christmas decorations which some are DIY by my nieces.ChristmasReunion_JackieGo_1


Gingerbread house my nieces made.ChristmasReunion_JackieGo_2

My mom is such a kitchen person. She spends most of her time preparing dishes for our family. Everyone (not that I’m being biased but it’s true) and I mean everyone loves her dishes.

First order of business, giving and opening of gifts! My two cuties were done distributing our gifts to family in record speed, all because they were excited to open their presents.


My family reunion wouldn’t be complete without videoke. Here’s my cousin-in-law singing his heart out. Hihi.ChristmasReunion_JackieGo_4

Nothing like bonding over the holidays. My nieces who are all grown up were inseparable during our Christmas lunch.ChristmasReunion_JackieGo_10

Here I am with my sisters whom I don’t often see as much as I used to.ChristmasReunion_JackieGo_8

Christmas is the best time to reconnect with family. I’m glad that even though my sisters & I have our own families, we always have birthdays to catch up with, but Christmas is more special because we celebrate it with Christ and with our families and parents.

My mom and dad with their grandchildren. All girls except for my lil’ boy which pretty much makes him the one and only prince of the family.

We enjoyed our potluck spread so much that we weren’t able to take any photos of the feast or even a photo of us eating together as a family! Nonetheless, our bellies are happy and we were full with lots of stories from each other.


Happy holidays from my family to yours! 🙂LadysChoiceReunion_JackieGo

Our reunion was made even more special with Lady’s Choice Real Mayonnaise. My mom beat me to making her Macaroni Salad and now that I have the recipe, I cannot wait to create a tradition of my own and make my own version of Lady’s Choice Macaroni Salad for our next family reunion!



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