10 Reasons Why I Love iFlix

My Facebook was bombarded with spoilers from the recent season finale of GoT. My timeline was filled with cursing and too many friends threatening to unfriend their friends because most of them forgot to put SPOILER ALERT on their status updates and obviously were spoilers. Honestly, Game of Thrones is one of the series I can’t seem to start on because it’s too intense and would know my full attention to watch it. Also, it’s now its on season 5 and this would entail a full-day marathon of it which unfortunately I don’t have. Although friends have offered their copies (I shall not name thy friends) of their GoT seasons just so I can get started with it, still I couldn’t, as I’m currently watching a handful of US TV series- Two Broke Girls, Modern Family, Gotham, Agents of SHIELD, New Girl, Parenthood, Grey’s Anatomy, Brooklyn Nine Nine, Girls, Empire, Scandal, Big Bang Theory to name a few.  I had bid goodbye to the other series I used to love- Pushing Daisies, Entourage, Weeds, Gossip Girl, Glee, Prison Break, How I Met Your Mother, Hot In Cleveland and Friends. So obviously, despite not being able to watch TV regularly, I love watching US TV series.

Watching my favorite TV series is my way to unwind and relax so when I learned that something similar to Netflix lands in Manila, I was like, “Shut up and take my money!!!”. I would subscribe in heartbeat because, why wouldn’t it?

Fellow TV series lovers, meet iFlix.


iFlix is the largest subscription video on demand service in Southeast Asia. I hope you’re ready to watch over 10,000 hours of movies and TV shows from Hollywood, Hong Kong, Seoul, Shanghai, Thailand, and Tokyo… anytime, anywhere.


The iFlix team hosted an exclusive lunch for the SoMoms and I was super thrilled to know more on what it offers.


Not only does it have TV shows, iFlix also got movies!


We were able to sample iFlix using one of the team’s phones. Look, I’m watching FRIENDS over lunch!

Now, iFlix is officially here in Manila and I was able to get first dibs on it. My verdict? I’ve got 10 reasons why you should try it for yourself.

1. Watch anytime, anywhere. Need I say more?

2. Get full access to 10,000 hours worth of movies and TV shows. Torrent whuuuut?


3. Watch it on your tablet, mobile phone or laptop, just download the iFlix app. You can also access it on your Smart TV.

4. You can connect up to 5 devices. The more, the manyer merrier!

5. Subscribe for only P129 a month- no hidden fees. Internet TV has never been this cheap!

6. If you’re an existing PLDT or Smart subscriber, you can get it for P99 top off your monthly fee. For PLDT Fibr subscribers, you get it for free!

7. It also offers Korean TV series as well as kiddie shows for your kids and for those kids at heart.

8. Need to pause for bathroom break? No worries, continue where you left off.


9. No ads, no ads, and yes, no ads!

10. More TV Shows and movies to come. The library will expand when seasons of our favorite TV shows & movies from Walt Disney Company, Twentieth Century Fox Television Distribution (Fox), BBC Worldwide, and Warner Bros. International Television Distribution become available. So there’s really no excuse to not watch TV. If content is this good, would’t you want to play iFlix?


iFlix Country Manager, Sherwin dela Cruz and iFlix Digital and Social Media Marketing Head Trixie Esguerra with the SoMoms Jane Uymatiao, Conci Navarro, Tin Dychiao, Jen Tan, Kris Bautista, Neva Santos, Cai Sio and yours truly.


We got first dibs and now you too can try iFlix for FREE! Just download iFlix app on Google Play or App Store or access it on your web browser.

I’m currently staring on Scandal via iFlix and OMG, I cannot seem to stop watching! Downtime, traffic or waiting game while queuing in line is more manageable because of iFlix! Eye. Love. Et!



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  1. bang gadian says

    thank you for this really interesting post. would i need to be online everytime or just during downloads?

    also, i’m getting very addicted to watching vlogs on youtube from US bloggers and vloggers. i hope you would consider starting your own. couldn’t think of any other blogger who has a more interesting life than you. your kids OOTD, your own OOTD, your take on motherhood and what you put up on your website isn’t bothering.

    • says

      Hi Bang!

      You have to be online to watch it but once you download an episode, you won’t need to be connected to the Internet. 🙂

      As for vlogging, I am taking it into consideration to have content on my YouTube account. I don’t think we have an interesting life though so it’ll probably filled with just babble and funny scenes from me and my kids. 😀 Hopefully, I can start vlogging this year 🙂

  2. Nia says

    Does it have game of thrones? I’m dying to know whether it also airs got since I don’t have time to start it off? hoe you can help me

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