Know Your Circle Of Trust In School

School has started for my lil’ GJGs and I’m proud to say my kids didn’t have a hard time transitioning from home based learning to school setting- save for a few crying episodes by lil’ Mr. GJG, because they’re excited to be in a different environment and meet new people. It was actually me who finds it hard to adjust now that both of them are officially no longer my babies. Now that our home is not the only place they learn and immerse themselves, I make sure that I am with them every step of the way as they start their academic adventure.

 While I do have my own circle of trust in the form of family and friends, it’s also important to have your own circle of trust in school and this is made up of your child’s teachers and your co-parents. I know all parents are concerned when it comes to their child’s performance as well as their safety in school, that’s why it is crucial for you to be part of your child’s school journey. In order to do this, you have to work closely with your child’s teacher and know the people that groom him/her in his/her formative years. So here are a few tips on how you can get to know your circle of trust in school.

Attend the class/school orientation

Start the school year right and don’t skip on the class orientation. It is scheduled yearly so that parents get updates regarding the school, especially when it comes to their curriculum, programs, facilities and other improvements they’ve done over summer.

Meet your child’s class adviser

Your child is as anxious as you are each school year. Most of the time, new school year means new teachers. If it’s possible, meet with your child’s class adviser on his/her first day in school. Introduce yourself and let the teacher know that you are on board when it comes to supporting your child in any aspect that he/she needs to be prepared for the coming school year.

Get to know your co-parents

Knowing who your co-parents are will benefit you when it comes to getting immediate school-related information. Being a supportive co-parent yourself will get you on the loop when it comes to class activities and the likes. Not only will you get the assistance you need especially when your child is absent, you’ll also be more aware of what’s happening in your child’ class which eventually can lead to build new friendships. In this day and age, getting to know your co-parents is easy, for parent representatives usually create a messaging group to keep everyone afloat and abreast on what’s happening to the class. You can set playdates to get to know your co-parents while your children can enjoy out-of-school activities together.

Spend time in school

Whether you’re a working or a stay-at-home mom, it’s good to be involved in your child’s school activities & be part of the school community. Volunteer to offer your services- may it be story telling, chaperoning, or helping with the annual sports fest or halloween program. These activities will allow you to work closely with your co-parents and your child’s teachers.

Keep in touch

If you can’t physically be there to oversee your child’s performance in school or be involved with school-related activities, don’t fret, just keep in touch. Touch base with your child’s class adviser and get daily, if not weekly updates from your co-parents. There’s really no excuse not be involved with your child’s progress in school. Constant communication with the people involved in teaching your child can help you better understand how your child is doing in school and can make you feel secure and safe even if you’re not with your child 24/7 anymore. If you feel you need to talk to your child’s teacher, schedule at meeting with her to discuss your concerns.


Guide your child to transition to this new phase in his/her life by letting him/her know that she is safe even if you’re not always with him/her. A sense of safety always makes a big difference especially to a child who’s overwhelmed with a new setting and new environment he/she is in. I am thankful that I have my circle of trust in my children’s schools. We work together in helping my children be the best that they can be, at the same time we make sure that they are safe and protected not only at home but also in school.

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