White Out

It’s official, one-third of my closet is composed of anything white, black, navy blue and gray. I have crossed the dark neutral side and I’m loving it. Again, it goes back to the principle of building one’s wardrobe. Go for key pieces– usually muted/neutral tones so it’s easy to mix and match outfits. This way, it can help you lessen the I-need-to-go-shopping-because-I-don’t-have-anything-to-wear excuse. 😀

So here’s one of my favourite all-white outfit that I’ve practically worn once a week since I got it. Heehee.


This was taken during the day The SoMoms & I had our culinary class at Global Academy. Cai of Apples & Dumplings, Michelle of My Mom-Friday & I met up an hour before our cooking class to grab a quick bite. After which I asked Cai to take my #OOTD. 😀 Thanks Cai!


I’m sure I wasn’t the only one who took advantage of this all-white brick wall at Toby’s Estate. More about our brunch on a separate post. WhiteOut_3

Something about styling white with tan makes it more appealing. I guess its a perfect example on how you can wear something light and dark together without looking too contrasting.


I don’t wear make up nor blow dry my hair on a regular day because a break from hair styling and make up is necessary. Honestly, I am disappointed with myself for not wearing lipstick! I have three tubes in my bag but forgot to apply before shooting this OOTD. Eeeeep! So as usual, sunnies saved me from the whole au-natural look which I cannot confidently wear just yet. 😀


Disclaimer: I did not flex to show my leg muscles. I didn’t even know they’re prominent now. Thank you Pilates! 😀


I wish it were the same case with my arms no? Muscles, where art thou?!


I keep on forgetting talaga to wear my accessories. I have a handful at home and I always end up not wearing them. Note to self: include accessories when choosing an outfit to wear. K? K.



Romper, Mango| Sandals, Guess| Bag, Mulberry Alexa| Sunnies, Prada| Watch, Gucci| Fitbit Flex Band


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