Tony Moly Blast Lip & Eye Make Up Remover

A make up remover that’s non-greasy yet effectively removes make up? Yes, please!


Meet Tony Moly Blast Perfect Lip & Eye Remover.

I guess they forgot to put “Make Up” somewhere in between the product packaging. If you take the product name literally, you might be a tad bit hesitant to try it, if its sole purpose is to remove your eye or lip. Heeheehee. Kidding aside, this make up remover is currently my favorite.



Blast Perfect Lip & Eye Remover is a mild remover to cleanse perfectly sensitive eyes and lip area. It has baking powder and plant oil complex that removes dark make up and impurities thoroughly. It is rich nutrition for a moisturized skin.

Initially I thought this is just like most make up removers I’ve tried: effective yet gives that thick and oily feeling after. But I was proven wrong as soon I tried it to remove my creamy matte lipstick.

How to use:

Shake bottle first before using. This is to mix the water & oil solution together.

Dab a few drops on a cotton pad or cotton ball and wipe it gently on your eyes or lips to remove make up.

Proceed to cleansing your face with your preferred facial cleanser.


I swiped Blast Perfect Lip & Eye Remover on my right upper lip. Can you see how it almost completely removed my thick, creamy matte lipstick? That’s just one gentle swipe ha. As I rub the rest of my lips with my cotton pad soaked with Blast Perfect Lip & Eye Remover, I was surprised on how light and gentle it is on my lips. I usually expect oily, thick feeling after I use most make up removers. But with Blast Perfect Lip & Eye Remover, it was as if I just applied water on my lips. I’ve also tried it on my eyes as I removed a waterproof eyeliner and mascara. It gave the same result– make up was removed gently and easily.

I like Tony Moly Blast Perfect Lip & Eye Remover because…

…it is light and non-greasy. A surprise for me since most make up removers I tried tend to leave an oily feeling.

…it effectively removes make up (especially hard to remove ones like waterproof mascara, eyeliner and matte lipstick)

…reasonably priced for. For Php 348 you get value for your money.

I wish Tony Moly Blast Perfect Lip & Eye Remover…

…it comes with a pump. Having it in a pump would make using it much more easier. Otherwise there’s really nothing else I wish for it.

Another good find for Tony Moly. If you have sensitivity when it comes to oil-based make up removers (although this one has oil din naman) or you just don’t like that greasy feeling most make up removers provide, you might want to try Tony Moly Blast Perfect Lip & Eye Remover.


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