La-Z-Boy Lounging

My family & I were lent a LaZ Boy unit for a week to try.

Meet La-Z-Boy Aspen.

La-Z-Boy has been known for its iconic recliners. They offer a range of recliners suitable for everyone as well as stationary furnishings.

This gorgeous recliner was immediately loved by my lil’ JGs the moment it arrived in our home.

My kids immediately called dibs on it. Lil’ Mr. JG even thought it was his Angkong’s chair, which by the way I have used back when I had lil’ Ms. JG. It has helped me get through sleepless nights as I rock lil’ Ms. JG to sleep. Now that they’ve tried it for themselves, they’re begging us to get one to keep.

I like how soft it is and how it smells good!

My daughter has always loved leather like I do. So it was no surprise that her observation with the La-Z-Boy has something to do with the soft, buttery leather.


For days, my kids didn’t want to sit on our couch and took turns with the Aspen.


I couldn’t blame them. Even I find it much more comfortable to read a book…


…watch TV…


… or even work.

We’re used to lounging on a La-Z-Boy every time we’re at my in-law’s home. According to my mom-in-law, they’ve had their La-Z-Boy for a few decades now and it still works well.


Mom, I want this chair. It’s like Kong Kong’s!


My kids & I have the same sentiment. We all want a La-Z-Boy for our home. Though our space is small, we found there’s a La-Z-Boy that’s perfect for condominium living.


Spot that lovely La-Z-Boy recliner on the right–Houston which retails for Php 45, 950.

















Pinnacle, Php 33,950 with cloth finish and Houston, Php 45,950 with leather finish. Two of the handful of La-Z-Boy recliners that were on display at La-Z-Boy in Shangri-La Mall. We’re also eyeing on the Parker recliner which retails for Php 33,950. We’re just rearranging some of our furniture to give space. Hopefully, we can decide what to get soon!


My little lazy boy lounging on a La-Z-Boy Aspen.


This is where “try before you buy” becomes effective. A week after trying out La-Z-Boy, my kids & I still can’t get over it.

La-Z-Boy recliners, motions and stationary sofas are available at all Blims Furniture stores.


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