The Two Weeks That Were

You know how life can be so unfair that there would be bad days to counter the good days? How, more often than not, things always seem to balance out by itself? Well, I’ve had many good days and this I cannot be thankful enough for. So when I feel like I’m way to #blessed eeerrr, happy – there’s abundance of good vibes in my life – I always anticipate falling down my cloud 9 and plunging into a pool of bad vibes.

This happens on the dot and I hate it!

For this year, it happened the last two weeks. I was busy sticking to my schedule and daily routine of motherhood & blogging when I felt that something is bound to happen. Have you ever had this kind of eerie/weird feeling, or ako lang talaga ang best in anticipation?

 I went home from a dinner feeling nauseous – like those morning sickness feeling. Eventually I went to relive myself and threw up all that I ate. I thought it was over until in a few minutes it happened again. And again, and again. Constant visit to the bathroom which eventually led me to stay there because I was officially suffering from serious stomach pain. Shooting pains and stomach cramps went on for 12 hours and I felt so weak that I couldn’t even close my fist or use my grip to hold my phone.

Long story short, I was rushed by Mr. JG to the ER and was diagnosed with gastroenteritis. It’s not common for me to have any stomach related illness but when the doctor assured me that it happens a lot especially when the rainy season starts, I was a tad bit relieved that I wasn’t an isolated case.


Hindi nyo lang na-feel that I was sick because I didn’t post this on my public social media sites. As for my daily blog posts, I was able to write a few posts before I started feeling sick. My initial thought upon arriving at the ER was “I cannot be admitted because I need to take care of my kids!” Thankfully, the doctor only had me for a few hours. This gave me enough time to replenish my lost fluids and to catch up on sleep. I continued my meds at home and was advised to go on bed rest for two days. As usual, being the pasaway and I-need-to-finish-everything-today-mom that I am, I went about with the chores I needed to finish the moment I got home. I was feeling better na kasi so there’s really no point resting di ba?

The next day, I was still a bit weak but no more vomiting or LBM so my lil’ JGs and I managed to go to KidZania. As much as I wanted to rest, I couldn’t because my kids have been looking forward to it for weeks, since we got an invite to experience it before it opened to public last August 7.

The next day, I was again feeling worse. This time around, I listned to my body and rested for 2 days until I had to cover SM Little Stars 2015 Grand Finals over the weekend.

Fast forward to last week when I was just getting back my bearings and my usual schedule when lil’ Mr. JG started vomiting. Shucks. We immediately rushed him to the ER because we didn’t want to risk him being dehydrated.

He was diagnosed with viral intestinal flu. This is exactly the same thing that happened to him last year, on his birthday. 🙁 They really can’t make anything from this since it’s viral and I know somehow, he got it from me. It’s really different when you see your child suffering. Like all moms, I hope and pray that it was me feeling his pain instead.


Thankfully, I have a little trooper. After drinking the medicine the doctor gave him, he was smiling and saying hi to everyone who checked up on him. Sometimes, this little guy is stronger pa than her mom! One of the nurses even quipped “If all my patients were as good as you, then my job would be easier.” He drank his medicine without batting an eyelash and was answering all the queries of the doctor and nurses.

Eventually, after a few hours, we were sent home and just like me, lil’ Mr. JG was ordered to rest and take it easy.

Finally, everything was starting to go back to normal until the faithful day of Tuesday when I couldn’t access my blog because of an internal error. Hassleeeeeee.

It was worse because I didn’t have any “scheduled posts” so there wasn’t any content to post. But what’s really worst was that no one can really access my blog because my host had to lockdown my site due to some technical error they still couldn’t pin-point.

My blog being unaccessible for a few days made me realize two things:

1. I cannot not blog. I have so many things to share. So many experiences and stories I want out there – whether it’s nonsensical thoughts or thumbs up reviews and raves – I just want to continue what I’m doing because it’s something  that gives me joy.

2. If I’m not blogging, I am reading. I used my blog’s downtime to catch up on my reading. I always complain that I have so many books that I have yet to read. I have a dozen of books on my iBooks and a few recently purchased books that I haven’t started reading. I haven’t found the time to read them especially since my time revolves around my kids and blogging. It’s a crappy excuse because the saying “kung gusto may paraan, kung away may dahilan” (if there’s a will, there’s a way) really is applicable to anything and everything in life, unless the circumstances tell you otherwise. In the days I wasn’t able to access my blog, I was able to finish a book in between bringing my kids to and from school, working out and doing chores. Ay lavett!


Currently reading Crazy Rich Asians while Mr. JG decided to start on Outliers. It’s funny ‘coz he only owns three books, all of which he hasn’t finished reading. Heehee. But it’s good to know that he’s becoming a fan of books, this is in my favour because this means I get to buy more books. Yay! 😀

Now that it’s a brand new week, I’d like to say that officially, everything is back to normal. FINALLY!

Although, there was a hiccup last night as lil’ Ms. JG started voimiting as well. 🙁 Viral talaga ang intestinal flu. So far, she’s feeling better today and managed to go to school. The doctor said that since it’s viral, it can be easily transmitted, so please tell your kids to be mindful – especially when in school or elsewhere – to always wash their hands to avoid getting the virus.

Anyway, brand new week yet I haven’t introduced my blog’s new look which I do hope you noticed. Hihi.

 GoJackieGo2015 I decide to go for a change after years of having my cutie patootie owl logo because I feel it’s time to move forward and have something new. Don’t get me wrong, I still love owls though not too much that I’d go ka-hoots *pun intended*. 😉 How do like my blog’s new look? I’d like to thank Tin Iglesias for doing my blog logo and design and Pat Villa for my blog template.

The last two weeks felt like I was in a roller coaster which I was forced to ride. Now, I feel like I’m in a ferris wheel, just slowly cruising while taking everything in. I am truly thankful to God for another week where I can be a better version of myself than the two weeks that were.

Expect more weekly updates bilang madami akong learnings getting through and surviving each week without a scratch. Heehee.

I hope you’re all having a good Monday! 🙂



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    Oh wow! what a coincidenceI we almost have the same blog title and the same entry pertaining to the past weeks challenges I encountered also with my two kids and a lot that I’ve been into.. Moms nga talaga. But despite of that, God was never nowhere of site… He is the greatest strength that guides us for our family…


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