Denim On Denim

I still am one of the many girls who stare at her closet every freaking morning trying to figure out what to wear.

“I might be too overdressed if I wear this dress.”

“Would jeans mean I’m underdressing?”

“To wear something neon on a rainy day, would I not look like an early warning device?!”

“Oh my gosh, I seriously don’t have anything to wear”

These are the thoughts in my head every time I try to figure out what I need (take note, need, not want) to wear. This usually happens when I go elsewhere aside from my usual daily routine of bringing my kids to and from school and errands in between. I know my closet is decent enough but I tend to have a hard time deciding on what to wear, probably because I need to organize my closet. I might try to do so over the weekend. So let’s see if figuring out what to wear gets better but this is a different story that needs it’s own post for updates.

On a regular day as a momma slash homemaker slash driver, I don’t have a hard time choosing what to wear. I always go for jeans and shirt and if I’m feeling extra perky, I’d probably wear a dress just because. My current like? Denim on denim.

The denim on denim trend is in my favour because I like wearing denim and it’s such a no brainer that even Mr. JG had it going on for himself. Too bad he didn’t want me to take his OOTD heehee.

Here’s my take on the denim on denim look which I dub as one of my uniforms. 🙂


One of the easiest way to wear denim on denim is to match light to dark wash.


I wore this to a day full of errands. Driver mode to my kids and after the long day, Mr. JG, lil’ Ms. JG and I watched Ant Man! Thanks KitKat for inviting us to the block screening 🙂 In fairness, muka pa din naman ako hindi harassed ‘coz of traffic during that day. 


I like how very relaxed this outfit is yet still look decent for a midweek movie date.


Rainy season means it’s time to bring out all my scarves and shawls. Heehee. I know it sounds so Titas o Manila or Lolabelles but having a shawl in handy – OMG, I’m becoming like my mom-in-law, hi Mama!- can be a lifesaver. Especially if you’re someone who gets cold easily  (lamiging bata) like me. Plus, doesn’t it add a little oomph to one’s OOTD? 😀


Ripped denim and boyfriend jeans I believe would never go out style.


Soft, comfy slip ons. A must have for every momma-on-the-go.


top, SM Woman | jeans, H&M | shawl, Shawls & Scarf Station | shoes, Le Bunny Bleu


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