The Beauty Rush

We’re back to regular programming and this means I’m back to driver mode as I bring my kids to and from school. Grabe, it’s really a struggle to adjust especially when I have to wake up before the crack of dawn. I think I’m slowly shifting from nocturnal to a morning person and I’m kinda liking it. Now that I think of how rigid our every day is, I find myself stressing even on the little things. When our schedule gets crazy and my flow gets disrupted, I really get stressed. I also don’t get to attend events as much as I used to because a. it’s always the same time as my children’s dismissal, b. I have a crazy backlog and c. I’m super tired the past few days. So tired that I fall asleep even when I’m sitting down cueing for the doctor’s office. Ayan na, diary of a hands-on tired momma revealed! Hahaha.

So don’ blame me if I got excited when I received an invite to participate in a cute and fun event hosted by three beauty brands. An afternoon spent talking, breathing, eating beauty was not my typical day and definitely a breath of fresh air.


To kickstart The Beauty Rush, we had our sumptuous lunch at Yoree Korean BBQ in The Forum BGC.


My Korean food craving, satisfied by Yoree. You have got to try their set menu. Everything is delicious!


Sake sa tanghaling tapat! Why not?!


All smiles with Ro after a hearty, filling meal.

After our lunch, we went straight to Lucky China Town Mall in Binondo, Manila. Shucks, I haven’t been back here since it opened last 2012.



The Beauty Rush was hosted by beauty bloggers Marj Sia and Nicloe Romero. It’s pretty much like Amazing Race, only it focuses on all things pretty and beautiful. Challenging yet fun activities were prepared by these two bunnies for each stop has surprises, trivia and challenges that we have to complete to help us get to know the brands even more.

First stop, Tony Moly.


Ro of Animetric & I were partners. When asked what our team name was, we half-jokingly said “Team Madonna!”


Next team is composed of Shen of Shen’s Addiction, Donnarence of My Lucid Intervals and Nikki of Ask Me Whats.


The third team was Julia of Bless My Bag and Liz of Project Vanity.

The first activity was applying Tony Moly products using one’s other hand. In this challenge, the most precise application gets the most points.





Tony Moly eyebrow, eyeliner and lipstick application using Ro’s left hand. The winner for this challenge was Julia and Liz.

My favorite Tony Moly product is their nose strip. It works great on removing the colony of whiteheads/ blackheads on my nose. I’ll post a review about it, hopefully soon.


Julia, Liz, Nicole, Marj, Nikki, Shen, Donnarence, with Andrea Amado of AGC, the company behind the trio beauty brands- Tony Moly, Etude House and Leaders.

Next stop, Etude House.



All things pink and pretty is what makes up Etude House! I gotta say I was so tempted to hoard on these color rich lipsticks but had to control myself.



Looking for some sweet smelling scent to add to your collection? Consider these perfumes that won’t put a hole in your pocket. I have a bottle of No More Eau de Perfume. The citrusy-y scent gives a refreshing aroma that’s good for daily use.


Q&A about Etude House and all things pink & pretty. Look at how serious we all were.


The challenge at this stop was to Spin-A-Win! The team with the most points wins. At shempre bilang best in raffle ako, I did the first spin.


I kept on getting SPIN AGAIN & GET TWO SPINS! So we were at it for more than five minutes, eventually I had to ask Ro to take charge of the wheel. LOL.


Team Madonna garnered most points!

Last but definitely not the least is Leaders.



Leaders is known for their masks which have been raved about over blogs. I have a few Leaders masks but I haven’t really tried them yet. I need at least 15-20 minutes to let the mask do it’s magic on my face. Hopefully, I can find time to try them, maybe as soon as I get used to our back-to-school schedule.


The challenge at Leaders is to build a puzzle. The fastest team to finish wins.



The competitive team aka me & Ro, were so busy trying to build our puzzle.


Tadah! More points for Team Madonna!


Another group photo with everybody. See our loot bag? It’s filled with Tony Moly, Etude House and Leaders products. Each activity warrants us with prizes from the three brands. It’s like Christmas morning!

The fun-filled afternoon was capped off at UCC Cafe Terrace at Lucky Chinatown Mall. No beauty event is complete with food. At least this is what I think because I love food and it’s always something that I look forward to.



Coffee, cakes and cuteness make me happy!

After devouring what’s on our table. It was time to announce the winner and guess what? It’s Team Madonna!!! Yay!


Team work and the obsession of my partner Ro, with Korean products particularly of the three brands of AGC Group- Tony Moly, Etude House and Leaders got us clapping for joy for being the overall winners. Lakas maka-beauty queen the bouquet of roses they gave. Wait, those aren’t roses! They’re chocolates!!! *jumps for joy*


Huli ka Marj! Trying to get some from my bunch, hmp!

TheBeautyRush_2Congratulations to us Ro! Also, congratulations to Amanda, Marj & Nicole for the very successful and first ever Beauty Rush! One of the most fun and memorable events I’ve participated. I hope Tous Les Jours & Yoree would have a similar event, I will volunteer myself if that happens. Eating my way on each challenge, who wouldn’t love that?! 😉 Heehee.


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