On The Go With Memo


People who know me can attest to how much I like owls. Even the people I've become friends with online would tag me whenever they see anything owl. My lil' GJGs would make an effort to draw an owl for me and would even point out that it is my favorite animal. There's something about owls that I connect with. Perhaps their big eyes which somewhat resembles mine, or their being nocturnal? Or maybe it's their stillness and silent confidence?Either way, I love them! Recently, Memo launched their ... [ Read More ]

Black And White


Recently, Nuffnang Philippines launched their Bloggerati program. It's the talent agency division of Nuffnang where they manage chosen bloggers from their Nuffnang community. I am thankful to Nuffnang for making me part of their family and their Bloggerati program. To kickstart, we had a photo shoot where we were asked by Nuffnang to prepare two sets of clothes- something that should represent me and my blog/brand. First, I honestly don't know what my brand is. Ummm, what brand? Second, isn't ... [ Read More ]

Free Day


I miss my red hair. So here's a little senti Sabado style post that lets me reminisce about my bright and bold hair. School for lil' Ms. GJG starts next week and I am not yet prepared to wake up extra early to go back to school. I wish I we have more free days so we can just enjoy what's left of summer before the rainy season starts. Left over #OOTD from my Singapore trip. Comfy jeans is a MUST when traveling, so always bring a good pair. One that can take you to a full day of sight seeing or ... [ Read More ]

Flight Mode


I've never experienced long haul flights. I never knew what jet lag feels like nor what boredom and cabin fever are because my trips out of the country are all just within Asia. But if there's one flight-related concern I am bothered with, it's wearing the perfect travel outfit. Travel articles and blogs would always advise us to travel light and to keep it simple. As for our travel outfits, we are warned to always go for comfort. I was once a dress/ shorts kinda girl especially when I travel ... [ Read More ]

Summer Sequence


I find myself abusing my very limited pieces of shorts in my closet. I know most of you can relate, given how humid and hot the weather is here in Manila.. Hello 40ºC, you're too hot to handle! I wish I can go to the beach ever so often. I notice I never seem to take my OOTD when we're doing our staycation. I guess we're too consumed letting the kids enjoy the hotel and its amenities. Plus my unofficial photographer aka Mr. GJG is also vacation mode. Also, I find myself packing the same things ... [ Read More ]