Cool Down


A few weeks ago, I had the opportunity to get to know myself more through a two day retreat. It was an insightful weekend as I was able to disconnect myself temporarily from the different roles and jobs that I have to fulfill everyday. With a recharged spirit and a better mindset, I feel free and confident in continuing on with my purpose everyday. It was such a treat to cool down and let go. I wasn't really planning on taking any OOTD shots during my two day Discovery Your Core (by One Life ... [ Read More ]

Minimized Monochorome


All I want to wear lately are the colors black, white and okay fine, some grey. Why? I don't know. I'm drawn to these cool, easy, no fuss, muted colors all because they're simple, clean and understated. They reveal a charming vintage appeal despite their modern cuts and style. Maybe this is the reason why I love these colors. They make effortless dressing easy yet chic. I balanced this look with just one accessory, maintaining focus on the key pieces which are the clothes. My fascination ... [ Read More ]

Just A Little Sparkle


Rainy days take away the brilliance in almost everything. While the gloomy weather is a valid excuse to dress snuggly and comfortably in our lounge pants & sweat shirts, I feel like its the perfect time to dress up and beat the unwelcoming feels that cast like a dark cloud on what could've been a beautiful sunny day. Being stuck at home last week for four days due to Typhoon Glenda (Rammasun) gave me cabin fever. So I decided the next time I was out for a day, I'm out with just a little ... [ Read More ]

Style Series: Black Jeans


Here's the last post for the style series I made with Kelly of The Traveling Boots. Today, we give importance to the ever reliable black jeans. Just like the other four staple pieces we showcased during the previous style series, one must own and invest on a good pair of black jeans. Its so versatile you can wear it on a full day of work or on a relaxing night out. A great fitting jeans deserves a beautiful top to go with it. It is also equally right to wear it with a stunning pair of heels. ... [ Read More ]

Flores De Mayo


Huling hirit of florals for summer! I know, I know floral isn't just for the hot humid summer, but since lakas maka-garden effect ng floral prints, might as well dedicate this outfit post for the last remaining days of May. Akshuli, naisip ko din since May is the month we celebrate Flores De Mayo, eto na lang ang ganap ko since its been years since I last participated in a sagala/ santacruzan. Ummm. I really can't say anything much when it comes to this outfit. The dress is pretty enough to ... [ Read More ]