Couch Potato


I can't remember the last time I was a couch potato. Lounging in my usual house body outfit- no, I don't wear sweat pants, more like an old dress or shorts & shirts that are too frail, spitting on them is likely to cause the cloth to rip apart heehee, eating junk food and indulging in my favorite TV series or book. I miss lounging, doing nothing else but just enjoy and relax. These days the only time out I get are bathroom breaks and pockets of moments when the lil' GJGs are taking their ... [ Read More ]

Of Holes & See Throughs


My obsession for white clothes continues and lately, all I can seem to wear is white, black and gray. Is this just a phase or has my sense of style become classic (I refuse to call it plain Jane)? Still, I'm sticking to key pieces and basics just because the trends are, well, too trendy for my taste. Soooooo, here's the outfit that I wore during the Happy Skin Birthday Party. I got this blouse because when I posted this on my Instagram, a lot said I should, so I did. Bet nyo eh so bet ko na ... [ Read More ]

Style Series: White T-Shirt


This week's Style Series focuses on the basic white T-shirt. The past days' average temperature is around 36 degrees celsius. It's as if Manila is right beside the sun! Medyo Jirita Jackson (kinda irritating) dressing up only to be drenched in sweat no. So anything easy, breezy and light is the ultimate outfit for summer. What else best fits this category than a white T-shirt? The best thing about investing on basics such as this white T-shirt is that you get to have so many unlimited options ... [ Read More ]

Too Blessed To Be Stressed


A very apt title for this week's OOTD. It was a crazy week for the GJGs. Gabbie was confined because of a bad case of sty. She did experience the same thing that happened to me back when we had our Christmas vacation in Singapore. Of course anything health-related, especially when it comes to my kids, can really induce stress. How do I manage to blog? While we stayed for four days at St. Lukes Global taking care of lil' Ms. GJG, I managed to work in between. Thank God for Wifi! Now I'm happy to ... [ Read More ]

Pom Poms


Here's a cute and adorable outfit of my lil' Ms. GJG that exudes a summery boho-chic vibe. This stunning vest is something she's been raving about. So much so that she doesn't want to take it off! I don't blame her though, something pretty like this deserves to be worn a lot! Who says layering isn't possible during summer? My lil' Ms. GJG shows us that it is and its fun! Spruce up an outfit with a key piece such as this vest. It makes the look distinctive and fun don't you ... [ Read More ]