Spill Water No More With Contigo Water Bottles

My kids & I can’t get enough water bottles. We even have a dedicated storage space for them in our tiny kitchen. But don’t get us wrong, we’re not bottle hoarders. With all the water bottle brands out there, there’s only a handful that’s worth keeping and worth using. Such is Contigo water bottles.

Over the weekend, my family & I received our very own Contigo bottles. Each are personalized with our names, save for lil’ Mr. JG ‘coz his bottle is smaller than ours.


Every Contigo product is engineered with your on-the-go lifestyle in mind, because it’s our lifestyle too. We commute a long way to work via bus or train (or both), have active households, and like our morning coffee piping hot and our post-workout water icy cold. We get it. We also track your questions, comments, and suggestions and then we actually apply them. After hours of designing, discussing, making coffee, engineering, tinkering and testing, we get our products to exactly where we want them. In your hands.

I like that Contigo considers the different on-the-go lifestyles of their consumers. I, for one have already fallen in love with the brand when I was browsing through their interactive and informative website www.gocontigo.com – it had me at go! Parang Go Jackie Go lang! Hihi. There’s really a Contigo bottle for everyone. I am tempted to get one or two or maybe three more? 😀


Contigo Autoseal® MADISON in Charcoal, Php 850

It knows when to close™ – Madison is your hard working hydration companion. Its spill-proof, one-handed design is perfect whether you’re running to your next meeting or chasing the kids. Simply clip it to your bag and you can easily knock out those required “eight glasses of water” a day.


Just a push of a button is all you need, no flipping nor twisting of cover and you can easily drink using one hand. Need I say more?


Contigo AutoSeal® CORTLAND in Sangria, Php 930

It knows when to close™ – The ultimate hydration companion, Cortland has all the features you already love in a water bottle – and more. It’s basically the Holy Grail of water bottles or at least the one that will get everyone in your office talking. Easy one handed drinking, spout cover to protect against dirt and germs and it automatically seals between sips. So go ahead and start hydrating.

I like that it considers hygiene with its flip top cover. While that’s the only difference with Contigo Madison, still I can use it with one hand. Follow me on Snapchat (gojackiego) so you can see Contigo Cortland in action while I workout. 😉


Contigo Autoseal® Gracie in Cherry Blossom, Php 730

Whether you are a toddler or in your fifth year, things often get “busy, busy, busy” at school. This is when Contigo’s clever design comes in handy, which is specifically designed for an active lifestyle. The Gracie collection is equipped with the patented AUTOSEAL® technology, which is 100% leak and spill proof. You can easily drink using just one hand: simply push the button to drink and release it to seal. The system even seals automatically in between two sips.

Immediately, my lil’ Ms. JG tried it and she shared her thoughts about it after a few days of using it.

Mom, my lunchbox isn’t wet because my water isn’t spilling anymore! Now that I’m six years old, I’m stronger na and I can drink my water using one hand only! I want to use this while I train in gymnastics, so can I use it? Oh I wish they have it in bigger size (like a jug) so I can drink lots of water while I do cartwheel and headstand!

Cute lang how very spontaneous my lil’ Ms. JG was when I asked her how she finds her new water bottle. Like it’s a miracle that even though her Contigo bottle tumbles inside her lunch box, she went home from school with a dry lunch box, first time in months! We’ve been experiencing spills from her other water bottles the past months because she uses a soft, cloth lunch box – making it difficult to keep the bottle upright.

So you can imagine our delight when we discovered the magic of Contigo bottles. Even my 3 year old son lil’ Mr. JG loves his Contigo bottle.


Contigo Autoseal® Trekker in Cobalt

Cuz kids never outgrow spills – Trekker is the perfect on-the-go companion for little ones (and probably some adults too) who’ve outgrown sippy cups but not spilling. This bottle features a one-touch AUTOSEAL lid that automatically seals between sips for mess-free drinking. Plus it’s easy for small hands to hold, so it’s perfect for kids to keep on trekkin’.

For someone who has small hands, my son finds it easy to use his Contigo Trekker bottle.

I cannot do it with one hand only but when I use my two hands, I can drink my water. There’s no cover mom so I don’t need to open it like that (gesturing to a flip top cover). I just press the big button at the back of the bottle and the water comes out!


My kids love their Contigo bottles & is currently their favorite. I’ll keep you posted should there be developments on wear and tear after prolonged and constant use but for now, we’re loving our bottles! Thank you Contigo Philippines for sending them!

You can order online through their ORDER SHEET. Currently, they have a promo which lets you get a set of two Contigo bottles at a discounted price. Order fast because this promo is good only for the month of February.

For more information, like them on Facebook and follow them on Instagram.


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