Got Sensitive Gums? Try #OralBGreenTea

Green Tea has always been my go-to remedy whenever I feel stressed or need to recharge after a long day. Its calming effect always soothe me. Sometimes, I substitute a cup of coffee with green tea ‘coz it gives enough “buzz” but with less caffeine. I honestly, didn’t know green tea can improve one’s dental health, until I received a package of Oral-B UltraThin Green Tea Toothbrush. Couldn’t the timing be more perfect?!


Of course, I had to try it ‘coz it had me at green tea! I know green tea has soothing benefits, so it got me really excited. It’s said to help improve gum health in 14 days. So the moment I got the package, I didn’t waste any time and immediately tried it!


I have a thing for transparent things. Combined with green and I’m totally sold! The overall look of Oral-B UltraThin Green Tea gives a very zen vibes that I find really refreshing for a toothbrush.


More so, the grip makes handling smooth and easy. Perfect for clumsy people like me. Yes, sometimes my toothbrush slips from my hand.


The sleek body and small head size makes Oral-B UltraThin Green Tea toothbrush easy to maneuver in hard to reach areas. I never thought that size would affect brushing until after I’ve tried it for myself and felt the difference.


The soothing & gentle properties of green tea are being harnessed to improve the health of one’s gums. This is all thanks to the new Oral-B UltraThin Green Tea Toothbrush with real green tea extracts in each bristle.

What's in the brush

The bristles are so soft, it makes me want to brush my teeth more than thrice a day!


I am officially in love with Oral-B UltraThin Green Tea Toothbrush! I’ve never had any bleeding gums episode since I started using it. And no matter how hard I brush (I know, I have to work on this) I don’t get any gum sensitivity. If there’s anything, my gums feel like they’re being massaged all thanks to the soft brush that contains 0.1%- 0.5% green tea extract. I actually brush my gums with it as it gives a soothing feeling.

Oral-B UltraThin Green Tea and Black Tea Key Visual

Oral-B UltraThin Green Tea Toothbrush is now available in the Philippines for only Php 99! Time to hoard! I’m equally excited to try Oral-B UltraThin Black Tea next.

And because I believe that sharing is caring, I’d like my readers to experience the same soothing benefits of Green Tea toothbrush. So I’m giving away 12 Oral-B UltraThin Green Tea Toothbrush to 12 readers of mine. Follow @gojackiego and @oralb on Instagram and watch out for my Oral-B UltraThin Green Tea Toothbrush post to know how you can win one for yourself!

*this is a sponsored post*

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