Spectrum Awesome Sunday Brunch 2

What’s more awesome than Lego? A Lego-made Philippine landmarks, that’s what.

The Awesome Sunday Brunch at Spectrum is back and this time the restaurant exhibits scenic spots and cultural festivals found in the Philippines. Amazing master builders created some familiar tourist spots for Spectrum guests to marvel in.Spectrum_Awesome_SundayBrunch2_2

The Rizal Monument, Chocolate Hills, Banaue Rice Terraces, Maria Christina Falls, Vintas, Magellan’s Cross, Philippine Eagle, and Bayanihan.

Aside from the Lego installations, Spectrum guests can feast on international cuisine from live culinary theatres – Spanish, Middle Eastern, Mediterranean, Italian, Japanese and of course, Filipino dishes. I’ve written about our dinning experience at Spectrum during the first Awesome Sunday Brunch and you can read it HERE.

Aside from the usual Spectrum specialities, I like the salad spread presented with banana leaves which makes it more festive. Some of the Filipino cuisines that caught my eye were the Pina-upong Manok, Grilled Tanigue, and Pancit Canton – all of which are good.

But of course, the star of the buffet (at least for me and my kids) is the dessert spread. The result of a marriage between sweetness and cuteness, of Lego and the Philippines. And what do you get? Pure awesomeness. Even if you’re not a fan of desserts, I’m sure there’s one or two from the selection that can tickle your fancy.  Almost everyone who had brunch last Sunday couldn’t help but take photos of the desserts.

I’ll let the photos do the talking. As usual, everything is AWESOME!


Spectrum_Awesome_SundayBrunch2_33Literally chocolate hills!

Spectrum_Awesome_SundayBrunch2_30Shell macaron with Boracay in mind. Nice!

Spectrum_Awesome_SundayBrunch2_35Dirty ice cream, Spectrum version. The mantikado (vanilla) is my favorite! The toppings are also very Pinoy, choose from marshmallow, candy sprinkles, otap, barquillos, powdered milk and banana chips. Yum!Spectrum_Awesome_SundayBrunch2_21Cakes with a Pinoy flavor.

Spectrum_Awesome_SundayBrunch2_23Dome sponge cake with Don Papa Rum.Spectrum_Awesome_SundayBrunch2_22Chocolate Peanut Cake with Choconut.Spectrum_Awesome_SundayBrunch2_24Mango Torte Cake with Dried Mangoes

The dessert spread also offered different kakanins (local rice cakes) and my favorite is biko. I also enjoyed a serving of suman with chocolate tablea.

Mr. JG enjoyed the Halo-Halo Trifle while I helped myself with the different chocolates. OMG, you must try the chicharon dipped in chocolate, as well as the green mango macaron. It has bits of burong mangga (fermented green mango) that’s tangy, which makes it an unusual macaron flavor. I wish though that there was taho and ballot as these food are very Pinoy di ba? 🙂

Aspiring master builders up to 14 years old can enjoy the separate play area (located on the 2nd floor) where LEGO bricks, play tables, and movies await them. There’s also a pop-up store at the corner of Spectrum where guests can purchase all creations on display on a special discount.

Spectrum_Awesome_SundayBrunch2_57Here’s my lil’ Mr. JG all smiles, seconds before he chomped off Lego Heneral Luna’s head. By the way, please watch the movie Heneral Luna, it’s such a good film that educates us that we should learn from the past (politics), it truly deserves to be recognized!


Spectrum’s Awesome Sunday Brunch 2 is at Php 2,777 net per person. Children from 6 to 12 years old get 50% off on the buffet price. For reservations please call Spectrum Fairmont at (02) 555-9840.


1 Raffles Drive, Makati Avenue, Makati City.


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