Last Fridate Night

My lil’ Ms. JG & I try to do Fridates as often as we can because we’re all pooped out on weekdays when there’s school and work. Most of the time, we find ourselves on automatic mode from Monday to Friday. Sleep early- wake up early- prepare for school- prepare for work- workout- errands- pick up kids from school- eat- chores- work- eat- sleep early- repeat. It’s a cycle we’ve gotten used to. So to break our routine, I promise my lil’ Ms. JG that we’ll do Fridates as our way to reward ourselves and do some girl bonding.

When lil’ Mr. JG is a little bit older (a year or two from now) I’ll dedicate a day for him too so we can do mom-son dates as well.

Anyway, here’s a matchy-matchy outfit we wore during one of our Fridates.
Fridate_JackieGoMatchy-matchy ba kamo? Hihihi. 


I was once not a fan of mom-daughter matchy-matchy. Why? Because I don’t want my daughter to be my shadow. Feeling ko kasi when we wear exactly the same thing, she needs to live up or level up to me, e that’s not what I want. I want her to let her personality shine. So to compromise, I make sure every time we do matchy-matchy, we’re not exactly the same. Just similar, not identical. Fridate_JackieGo_3

In this case, we agreed to wear the same shirt but tweak the overall look. Not exactly the same jeans or shoes as to not make it too matchy-matchy.
Fridate_JackieGo_2Casual Friday is our fave.

Fridate_JackieGo_11Mom uniform= shirt + jeans + flats.

Fridate_JackieGo_12I always go for comfort especially when I’m with my kids. How else can I take care of them if I feel uncomfortable with what I’m wearing?


Fridate_JackieGo_14Although lil’ Ms. JG would insist I wear heels especially when we go on our dates, I skipped it this time because our date of choice involved a lot of walking – in the mall that is. Heehee.



I honestly am fond of this lil’ lady and no, not because she’s my daughter (although it’s partly the reason hihi) but because  she picks her own clothes and knows what she wants – unlike her mom who’s very indecisive up to this day. Heehee.

Fridate_JackieGo_7No art direction for this one. I just asked her to stand and pose.

Fridate_JackieGo_6“This jeans is so comfy, mom!”


Fridate_JackieGo_9Too kyooooot this kitty cat slip ons.

Fridate_JackieGo_1Matchy-matchy ba kamo? Hihihi

Visit the newly renovated MANGO Eastwood store, they now carry MANGO Kids. Yay!

on lil’ Ms. JG: shirt, jeans and shoes, MANGO Kids| on me: shirt and jeans, MANGO| shoes, Repetto



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    How old is your daughter? I love her overall look.. so comfy, relax and fashionista lang talaga ang peg.. I can relate because I have a 4-year old girl, hehehehe… nice one!

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