What Makes Christmas Reunions Special?

With Christmas just a few days to go, I suddenly have become sentimental. As I look back at our annual Christmas reunion, I am reminded that there are a few things that always remain yet there are new things to look forward to.

Every year, I look forward to my family’s Christmas reunion because I get to see my relatives, whom I only see once in a blue moon – literally only during our Christmas lunch. I get to catch up with them and know what’s keeping them busy. It’s also the perfect time for me to get to know the extended family of my extended family. You know how small our world can be and Christmas is usually the perfect occasion to introduce the special person in one’s life – it’s usually my cousins who’d bring their boyfriend/girlfriend or fiancé to our Christmas gatherings and this would mark their first celebration as part of our family. I remember this one Christmas reunion where I introduced my then boyfriend – soon fiancé, and now husband – to everyone. He was late so the anticipation grew more and everybody was looking forward to meeting him. He in return felt very nervous to meet my extended family. This happened a decade ago and was the beginning of our first Christmas together. Now it’s his turn to meet and welcome the special person of our nieces or nephews (grabe, I can’t believe we’re getting old!).

Christmas reunions are so special because everyone gathers to celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ. It’s also the perfect time to let go of the past, start anew and rekindle relationships that were tested by distance and time. It’s made even more special when friends and relatives come home for the holidays from different parts of the world. It’s the most happiest time of the year indeed! Endless story telling filled with laughter, all while we feast on good food prepared by everyone.

My favorite part of every Christmas reunion is when we gather around the table to eat, since we’re a big family (cousins of cousins included!), it’s the most craziest lunch for the year! Where everyone just digs in, especially when my mom starts serving her rich and creamy macaroni salad (which reminds me, I need to ask my mom for her recipe! 😉 ) Nothing like good food and great company to celebrate the festivities and create new memories with no? 🙂

So if you ask me, the best memory talaga of Christmas reunions is when my family is complete. When our cousins and titas come home for the holidays, when I meet my newborn niece or nephew for the first time, and when there are new additions to our extended family! When the whole family is around, it’s really the best Christmas. Di ba? Mas masarap kapag magkakasama. 🙂

I believe my Christmas reunion is the same for most Pinoy families. One of the families that’s lucky to have their Christmas reunion even more special is the Mendoza family.


The Mendoza family from Laguna loves celebrating Christmas. They’re a big family and it’s more fun whenever they gather this time of the year.MendozaReunion_LadysChoice_JackieGo_3



Christmas reunion isn’t complete without a big bowl of macaroni salad made with Lady’s Choice.


Aside from seeing family and serving good food, someone dropped by the Mendoza family reunion which made it even more special.


It’s Maine Mendoza aka Yaya Dub!




More smiles and more laughter from the Mendozas when Maine arrived.



How lucky are the Mendoza family! Now I’m more excited for my own family reunion, it’s definitely going to be a special one, as always. Few more days to go ’til Christmas!


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