Christmas Wish List 2015

It’s that time of the year again where I round up my wants through my Christmas wish list. 2014 went by fast but 2015 was definitely way faster! Daily life of being a mom kept me busy and now that it’s just a few days – FOUR FREAKIN’ DAYS TO BE EXACT! – I decided to share my Christmas list.

This list started back in 2012 when I have a ton of wants. Which my online friend Chinie sort of immortalised through her doodle.


Read about Chinie’s post three years ago HERE.

Reading my previous Christmas wish lists made me realize I am one lucky girl. For Santa aka Mr. JG (and myself, haha!) granted some of my wishes. Air fryer, Nespresso, a pair of Valentino rockstud, a trip to the beach, a Pandora bracelet, and a piece from Philip Lim for Target among others. I am forever thankful and grateful. But as we all know, each year, there’s always a new wish that’s waiting to be granted.

So here’s mine for 2015.


JayBird Freedom wireless earphone

Similar to JayBird X2, I want this because running with music lets me go an extra mile! Heehee. I’ve been lusting over this for a long time now that I even showed my wanting on Snapchat. I. NEED. THIS. IN. MY. LIFE!Apple-Watch-Edition-Rose-Gold-Rose-Gray-Modern-Buckle

Apple Watch

Now that I have my rose gold iPhone 6s Plus from Smart, it’s time I accessorize and pair it with an Apple watch of the same color. This limited edition rose gold one is a beauty! WANT. NEED! LOL.NikeRoshe_Floral

Nike Roshe Run in floral print

I just want a printed Roshe Run, it really doesn’t have to be exactly this. I find myself liking running or training shoes now more than ever! Again, WANT. NEED!


Samsung Smart Oven

Because an efficient home appliance is a NEED in this life (haha medyo OA) This Samsung Smart Oven lets one make fresh dough and yogurt among others. Need I say more? 🙂

Crane Digital Warm & Cool Mist Humidifier

My asthmatic family needs humidifier and air purifier as much as inhalants and anti-histamine. Definitely NEED.


ABS. I want Anllela Sagra’s freakin’ abs!

This girl is my ultimate fitness peg. She’s ripped but lean. Striving for this body, someday I hope!


 Japan, Japan on my mind.

Still on my Christmas list since we weren’t able to plan for Japan this year. Hopefully, we’ll see you next year!


If you ask me, I have many WANTS in my life. But I’ve managed to narrow it down to the things that would make me really, really happy. While my goal is not to tick off everything on my list, still, writing down what I want makes me feel like I’m one step closer to having them.

I hope I get even one of these items on my list. Time to work hard and save up!

Four freakin’ days to go before Christmas! Are you ready? Aaaack. I certainly am not but I’m excited to see my family! 🙂


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