Bagong taon na bagong taon, animal print ang bungad! heehee. Haymsosoreeeh! As I’ve said before I have more than a few animal print clothes so expect me to wear them and post outfit shots here. Anyway, I’m happy to share that I’ve got this lovely buttoned-down animal print dress for only wait for it… 350 pesos! That’s measly under $10 ang saya! I got from where else but Ebay. Naku calling the marketing people of I am an avid and frequent shopper so please get me as your endorser! :p


Safari lang ang peg! LOL


I super duper love this wedge pair. I can walk on it for hours, it’s so light and comfortable. I wore this during our last minute Christmas shopping.



IMG_6101It holds true that when you become a mom, accessorizing isn’t even part of your vocabulary na. I’ve been favoring my staple accessories mainly because I neglect to put my box load of it within arm’s reach (I’m blaming our condo’s space). As a result I only wear what I keep on my bedside table. I promise I’ll try to add an extra effort in accessorizing 😉


Button-down animal print dress: H&M

Wedge: Chinese Laundry

Bag: Louis Vuitton

Braided two-toned bracelet: H&M

Nails: Orly’s Naughty




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