Rustan’s Home And Heart: A Family Affair

Rustan’s Home and Heart– A Family Affair is all about hosting various activities that the whole family can enjoy. From April to June 2016, weekends will be filled with family-friendly workshops at Rustan’s to make every meal, every bonding moment and every family time even more memorable.

Russian’s Home and Heart begins with Mother’s Day Fair from April 22 to May 8 at Rustan’s Makati and Shangri-La. To kick off the fair, a special Travel Essentials for Mom’s Getaway Workshop by Bespoke and Beyond was held last April 21 at Rustan’s Makati. The ladies behind Bespoke and Beyond gave tips and tricks to organizing one’s luggage and pack perfectly for any solo or family getaway.


Destination-ready is the aim of this workshop. I, together with fellow moms sat through the 30-minute workshop where we learned the art of travel and the three important Cs.


I can’t help but admire the home section of Rustan’s Makati. This outdoor set up is totally part of my dream home!


Quick tip: add succulents or table plants to make tablescapes more fresh & fun.


On a sidetone, I just had to take a photo of this S’well bottle in pistachio green! WANT!

RustansHomeAndHeart_JackieGo_15Cecile of Bespoke and Beyond talked about the three important Cs when packing for yourself and/or for the entire family. One should be:




If you’re a mother packer like me, being organize for the whole family is the first step to make packing easy, breezy. You’ll be more calmer if you know what to pack and who to pack for. Collect ideas and create lists of things you need to bring. If you’re calm, cool and collected, packing would be more enjoyable and pleasant. Remember, you don’t have to pack everything by yourself. Ask your husband if he can take on the task in packing for himself and if you have older kids, delegate and tell them to pack for themselves– just take a final look of what they’ll bring to the trip. Less hassle for you while you teach your kids responsibility. Win-win!


Personalize bags or packing cubes makes it easy for you to identify which is which and who’s who. You can also assign a particular color per person.

Another thing to consider is to repack items. Bring your favourite toiletries with you by transferring them to small travel-friendly containers. Ask your family members to do the same. This would save so much luggage space for everyone. You can also consolidate items especially if you have small kids. You can assign a kit for everyone’s common toiletries (soap, shampoo, body wash) and a packing cube for everyone’s footwear–separated by shoe bags.

Assign a particular color for everyone. Bespoke & Beyond has different travel-friendly products. Such as these envelope pouches and multi-purpose pouches which you can give each member of the family.


Another quick tip: Bring a catch-all tray with you. It doesn’t take much space when collapsed so there’s no space issue. You can dump all your accessories in it so it makes storing & accessing your accessories even when you travel so much easier.


Elena, the other half of Bespoke & Beyond talked about the importance of dressing chic and comfortably while traveling.

Here are some things to consider when packing for clothes whether you’re traveling to a hot or cold destination:

Pack light. Pick pieces that are easy to mix and match.

Stick to basics. Denim, black and white. Shirt, jeans, jacket. You get the drill.

Create a color palete. Add a pop of color to make your outfit uniquely you. If you’re sticking to basics when it comes to clothes, add a pop of color with your accessories instead–a bag or a shoe. Whichever you fancy.

Add key accessories. Choose a particular piece which you can use with all your outfits–it can be a scarf, a necklace, a bag, or shoe that would match everything that you packed.


Here’s Patty Laurel and her chosen airport chic outfit. Whether Patty is traveling to a hot or cold destination, this outfit is something she would recommend to women who want to be comfy while lounging in the airport or flying for hours.

RustansHomeAndHeart_JackieGo_18Three different outfits yet all three are airport chic. I particularly love the one on the right. The combination of textures and prints is something I see myself wearing.

Check out some of Bespoke and Beyond’s items that are perfect to satisfy every mom’s artistic and craft personality. From personalized gift cards, stationaries and more. There’s also engraved leather items and embroidered linens!


Personalized packing cubes from Bespoke and Beyond make packing more easy & to be honest, chic!


Get special deals from the Home Department from April 28. Brands like Barbel, Acrila, Zoffoli, Art & Mestieri will offer 20% off on selected items.  Items from Lenox, Rosenthal, Royal albert, Kate Spade and Christofle are perfect to gift mom this Mother’s Day.

With Patty Laurel, Grace Baja and Tin Dychiao. Thank you so much Rustan’s for inviting us. Learned a lot from Cecile & Elena of Bespoke and Beyond when it comes to packing & donning that airport chic look.

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