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As a mother packer, tools that can help me efficiently pack are life savers. So when Michelle, the woman behind KIT–Keeping It Together, a brand that offers affordable products that help one be organized whether traveling or at home– sent a few of her best selling products, I didn’t waste time and tested them.

KIT is a one stop shop where you can find everything you need to keep your things together!


Silicon Tube, Php 199-Php 299

Silicon Tube is another alternative to your plastic containers. It comes with a capped lid which can be opened with a flip. Because its made from silicon, the product can be dispensed by squeezing down the body (to its last drop!), which will come out from the soft silicon crisscrossed hole on the lid, making sure that the product will not over-dispense. Its silicon material makes it easy to squeeze down the product ’till the last drop. It also comes with a built in suction cup (except for 55ml and 85ml) that allows for a hands-free use. It is leak free and easy to refill, too.


Assorted Boston Bottles, Php 59- Php 69

Boston Bottle with Spray Pump is ideal for storing water-based liquids. The pump sprays a fine mist and holds a decent amount of liquid that does not run out too soon.

Boston bottle with Gel Pump is ideal for storing products with gel-type consistency. The Gel Pump dispenses just the right amount of liquid you need.

Boston Bottle with Screw Cap is ideal for storing products with very thick consistency. The product is dispensed by pouring with its wide opening, ensuring that the product flows out smoothly without the tiny holes blocking its way.

These may be carried in your everyday pouch and even in your airplane carry-ons. The size is TSA-approved.


KIT Akiyama Vanity Bag, Php 595

The KIT Akiyama Vanity Bag is a spacious practical bag for your storage or travelling needs. It comes with a handle for easy transporting and has protective body which makes it safe to store your medicine bottles, perfumes, and the like. It has the following slots: 6 brush slots with flap, 5 elastic slots for your bottles, 1 side pocket, and 2 mesh side pockets.


KIT Foldable Trunk Organiser, Php 1,195

Worry not for spills or messy trunk. The Foldable Trunk Organizer is the perfect companion on the road. It folds completely for storage and keeps trunk space neat. It’s spacious and has pockets, perfect for storing groceries, supplies, emergency tools and more. Easy washable material by spot clean and just air dry.

I’m using this trunk organiser as my organiser at home. It fits perfectly under my work desk and I use it to file press kits, papers and other items that I use on a regular basis.


KIT Daiki Mesh Bag, Php 795

The KIT Daiki Mesh Bag is a lightweight bag with long handle and mesh material, perfect for your beach getaways! Since it’s see through, it is easy to locate your things making it also an ideal everyday bag.KeepingItTogether_KIT_JackieGo_10

Since I’ve done the KonMari method of organizing, I like keeping things in order. I’m currently using this bag for my dresses. They’re neatly rolled like a sushi and stacked neatly inside this bag. Whenever I need a dress, I just pull out this bag from my closet. Lavett!

Single Zip Packing Cube, Php 255- Php 399

Become savvy travelers with KIT Single Zip Packing CubesLightweight and with high quality zippers for practicality, and with different colors for expressing your individuality. We do not want you to have a blah day during your travel. Save up space for more shopping and souvenir items. The Single Zip Packing Cubes come in various sizes, ranging from extra small to large, perfect for all your needs.


These packing cubes have greatly helped me during our recent trip. Packing for my kids & I was easier coz the cubes let me compartmentalise the things we brought along with us. Now I’ve been using these packing cubes to organise the small things in my closet such as my tops, socks, underwear and the like. My closet has never been this organised.

Thanks so much Michelle for introducing me to KIT!


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