Good Vibes With Rastaclat Bracelets

I’m all for good vibes. I like surrounding myself with this energy and vibe, especially with people. Negatrons, ranters and the like, ummm I try to avoid because these people pretty much suck the Optimist Prime in me.

If I can’t surround myself with people that emit the same good vibes I try to share, might as well wear something that symbolises such positive vibrations right?

So I wear Rastaclat.

I, together with my lil’ Ms. JG had a quick date last July 24 as Regain PH, the official distributor of Rastclat bracelets invited us over for a quick mani-pedi session to introduce the newest addition to the Rastaclat family – Rastaclat Mini.


Sweets and treats are always a good partner when launching something new. 😀 I believe it makes the guests excited  or maybe that’s just me. Heehee.


Rastaclat (rah-stuh-claht): the cloth of the righteous. A brand founded in Long Beach, California from the roots of the action sports, art, music, and street culture. Rastaclat is dedicated to the spirit of Spreading Positive Vibrations® encouraging individual style, a sense of positivity and freedom of expression. We strive to build timeless and innovative accessories inspired by our everyday lives while embracing all cultures throughout our planet. We yield great pride in our handmade accessories and uncompromisable quality designed here in the United States of America. Embraced by many – wear it loud, wear it proud!




 Rastaclat Mini launch was held at I Do Nails in McKinley Hill.


My date was busy having her nails done while “working”. Actually, she’s using her Leap Frog tab to learn how to read. 😀


 Nude color nails using Marc Jacobs Baby Jane polish.





 The dainty spread of sweets had become such a treat with the Rastaclat Mini bracelets sprinkled in between.


Like all Rastaclat products, the MiniClat is handcrafted with care. made of durable 100 perfect polyester fabric and alloy hardware emblazoned with the brand’s trademark lion logo, this premier MiniClat Collection is offered in six vibrant color options with product names hinting at classic and small-but-mighty reminders of our youth.




Rastaclat Classic. The animal print appeals very much to me.



The more Rastaclat you have, the more good vibes you get – this is me justifying. 😉 That navy blue and neon green are both dope!

Rastaclat Philippines

FYI, Rastaclat also released last summer the exclusive Philippine edition bracelet named AGIMAT. WANT!

Rastaclat partnered up with their family in the Philippines to bring you a Classic Bracelet brimming with Filipino pride. The AGIMAT is available exclusively in the Philippine brick and mortar and online retailers in very limited quantities. Stock up on this collectable while supplies last!


Kyle Concepcion of Regain Philippines, the official distributor of Rastaclat, Richer Poorer, Publish, Mishka, REBEL8, Black Scale and Tavik brands here in the Philippines. So good to see you again Kyle! Congratulations on the launch of Rastaclat Mini.


My date and I enjoyed our pamper session and MiniClat bracelets. Thanks Regain Philippines for the wonderful afternoon of good vibes.

Rastaclat bracelets are currently sold at Titan stores, WeLegendary, Sole Academy and online at Zalora &





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