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My usual outfit (read: mommy uniform) consists of tank tops, shirts, jeans or my ultimate favorite skorts topped with a cardigan or blazer. It’s fail proof as I can move freely without worrying about wardrobe malfunction, especially when I’m with my kids.

On days when lil’ Mr. JG’s yaya – my one and only extra set of helping hands and our angel, Yaya H – is on a weekend break, I strategize and carefully plan what my lil’ JGs & I will wear. It’s not about being stylish altogether, I guess it’s more of prioritising comfort – there should be ease when I need to change lil’ Mr. JG’s pull-up pants or assist lil’ Ms. JG in the bathroom. Little things like this, I still keep in mind especially when we’re in a public place because I make  sure they’re comfortable and it’s easy for me to help them.

Actually, whether I have an extra set of hands to help me or not, I notice I dress for comfort whenever I’m with my kids. Very motherly lang, of course I’d always choose comfort over style but why choose when you can do both? 😉


I found my forever – in black, gray and white. I obviously cannot get rid of this combination. Heehee. So happy I was able to find more skorts! Now I have 2 black and 2 white skorts that I can use and abuse, thank you eBay!


I’m getting the hang of wearing a backpack because it lets me be hands free which is pretty much a requirement when I’m toting my kids. They both want to hold my hand and sometimes, lil’ Mr. JG would even ask me to carry him. Moms, we all know how heavy our bags can be – we like bringing the house with us kasi – so in times where I need to be hands-free, I wear a backpack to stuff everything in and it serves a dual purpose as my purse and my children’s diaper bag.MomDaughter_OOTD_JackieGo_3

There are times my lil’ Ms. JG would ask me what I would wear. When I ask her why, she just said “So we can be a little bit the same!” This was one of those times.


My lil’ Ms. JG likes bags. I think she got this from me. Over summer, she was already looking around for a potentially new backpack she can acquire for the school year. I told her she doesn’t need a new one because she can still use her old ones. Thankfully, she agreed with me on this. But all this changed the moment she saw this cute Herschel backpack in the mail. She was ecstatic to use it immediately and even prompted me to wear the matching one I have.


Here’s sort of our take on matchy-matchy na hindi mashadong matchy-matchy. Gets? 🙂 We wore this during our mani-pedi date for the launch of Rastaclat Mini.

Quick tip: Always wear shorts and open toe (preferably sandals) shoes when having your nails done to save you from ruining your nails.

MomDaughter_OOTD_JackieGo_6I took a few photos of some of the different Herschel backpacks during the Herschel x Liberty of London launch, they have not only for men and women but also for kids!

I asked lil’ Ms. JG why she loves her Herschel backpack and here’s the answer she gave me.

“I like it because the straps are soft and it doesn’t hurt my shoulders” 

“I like the design and it has a pocket in front and another big pocket inside that lets me separate my things.”

“There’s also a built in tag where I can write my name, Mom!”

I swear, this lil’ girl is better in doing reviews than me! I think I need to set up her video blog so she can do #nofilter reviews. After checking out my Herschel backpack she immediately quips “Our bags have the same things! Soft straps and pockets too. How cool!”

I told her she can borrow my backpack for school since her Herschel can’t fit her books. Aba, she immediately asked me if she can use my bag the next day!


On me: tank, Cotton On| cardigan, H&M| skorts, Zara| sandals, Saltwater| backpack, Herschel Supply

On lil’ Ms. JG: tank, Gingersnaps| skort: Gingersnaps| cardigan, H&M| sandals, Saltwater| backpack, Herschel Supply



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