Raising A Propantastic Gymnast

Seven years into motherhood and I am officially a sports mom to my first born. If you follow me on my social media accounts, you know by now that lil’ Ms. JG or Gabbie as I fondly call her is training as a gymnast. As a mom I only want two things for my kids: to have good health and to grow up to be a well-rounded person. I know achieving these takes time, conscious choices and a lot of effort not only on their part but also on mine.

My kids are both young pa which means I still have a lot of time to help them shape their character, so they can make better choices which will lead them to be the best version of themselves and hopefully become happy, healthy and well-rounded adults in the future. I’ve been asked by a few moms how my lil’ Ms. JG started with gymnastics–she’s only been training for a few months–for them it seems like she’s been doing it longer. To be honest I didn’t know what I did–all I know was one day my little lady told me she finally found the sport that she loves.


I’ve heard this line a thousand times, sometimes I even find myself reciting this whenever I need a little encouragement for myself. As a parent I use this same line to my kids. Really there are so many possibilities in the world and it’s our job to let our kids know they are not confined to just doing one thing and that it’s okay to want a lot of things–because at some point it will be narrowed down to just a few until they’re decided to stick with those that matter to them most.



Like most parents I want my children to excel. And in order for them to do so I must provide the opportunities so they can figure out what they’re good at. My daughter, lil’ Ms. JG has tried a few things–ballet, piano, swimming to name a few–and the quest to find that perfect hobby or extracurricular activity took months and a dozen different trials. I would see in her eyes how much fun each activity was but deep inside I know it’s not the one thing that she really, really wants. Then one day, I let her try gymnastics. Immediately after her first session, we signed her up. She told me she feels like she can do better if she trains regularly. I didn’t think twice because I saw the look in her eyes that made her realize gymnastics was the one for her.



Like any other sports, gymnastics requires maximum effort on the trainee and full support from the family. I believe behind every great athlete is a support system (family) whom she relies on. Once she has distinguished what sports she wanted to pursue, all we both had to do was support each other. I’ve given up some days of the week just so I can watch her and be with her when she needs me since she trains regularly every week. She may not know it but being there for her in every training day is my way of nurturing her passion towards the sports she’s chosen. And I’m gonna do the same for her brother if the time comes when it’s his turn to choose a sport or hobby he loves.



Aside from nurturing lil’ Ms. JG by being a supportive and hopefully not become an overbearing sports mom to her, I also make sure that I nourish her well. Her training comes with conditions. Since she’s in big school already her dad & I have set some conditions in order for her to be able to balance school-sports life.


She must maintain her good grades in order for her to continue training as a gymnast. This will teach her to balance school work and gymnastics at an early age.


She also needs to have at least 8 hours of sleep. This year is still very manageable for her. She can easily adapt a school-sports setting because her school load is still reasonable. After school she still has enough time to train, play, do homework and sleep early. Next year might be a bit challenging though so we’ll see then.


She needs to eat healthier. Though this lil’ lady isn’t much a junk food and sweets kind of kid, like most kids her age, she can be picky with her food. As a mom I make sure she has a healthy appetite. For this I rely on Propan TLC. It has Lysine and B-Vitamins to help boost and maintain her appetite. It also has 100% RENI Vitamin C to strengthen her immunity which really helps make are she never misses training. It also has Taurine for brain development, Chlorella Growth Factor, and Vitamin D that helps boost her height and have stronger bones. It also has other Vitamins that help improve my child’s overall health and development.

Thankfully she has a few favorite vegetables and fruits that she gladly eats everyday to power her up and make her strong. This In essence she needs a complete balanced diet of protein, fats and carbohydrates. Unfortunately, she doesn’t get her daily nutritional needs but thankfully Propan TLC’s got her covered.

Quick tip: it’s always important to choose the right vitamins for your children so they can get the right nutrients they need.


I nurture and nourish her passion towards gymnastics by being there every time she trains, preparing her healthy meals, supplementing her with Propan TLC and making sure she gets enough sleep.


Her hard work paid off! A few weeks ago she participated in her first ever Friendship Meet where different gymnastics clubs competed. She placed silver in her category (beginner, 6 year old age group) and got silvers and golds for different events. We are so proud of her!

Letting your child have a sport or a hobby is one way of helping her grow to become a healthy, well-rounded person. I’m just thankful that lil’ Ms. JG found her sports at an early age. I know we’ve got a long way to go but I’m just glad we started off right. Here’s to raising a happy, healthy, and well-rounded kids!


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