Of BFFs & Chocolates: A #Happygrams Story

When I was a kid, I used to go to a certain bakeshop in our neighborhood for its famous cream puff. I would save up a few pesos so I can buy one or two because my sweet tooth couldn’t resist its goodness. One summer, as I casually went to the bakeshop to buy my usual favorite, I saw a girl who seemed like the same age as I am, manning the counter. She was pretty and I assume was on her summer job given she was too young to actually be employed. My frequent visits over summer lead to a regular exchange of hi’s and hello’s. This lead to small talks and eventually, we find ourselves getting each other’s phone numbers and calling regularly. Almost two decades after and the girl from the bakeshop is the same girl I call my best friend.

She calls me Totsy because I’m payatot and I call her Babsy because she’s a baby!

We’ve been best friends since our first encounter at their bakeshop and after all these years, we still have so many stories to tell every time we see each other. We love people watching, shopping and overanalysing things! Hahahaha. Like any BFFs, we’re all for unbiased advice, random nonsense, self-inflicted judgement, secrets, all while sharing life goals and setting dreams. I believe everyone should have this one special person in their life whom they can be comfortably silly with and whom they can count on no matter what. I’m lucky I have one.

We might have differences and at some point, we grew apart but over the years, we’re still in each other’s heart. Yes, medyo cheesy pero totoo. Because some things never change. We may not see each other as often as we used to before but I’m glad we manage to get in touch with each other constantly (thank God for technology!).

We bond over food now more than ever because catching up is always more fun when there’s food right? She’s my BFF because like me, she loves sweets too and so we always make room for dessert. Sweets really is something I cannot give up and would have to have a serving of everyday. Don’t you think that life is sweeter with desserts? 😉

When we’re feeling down, we turn to sweets to comfort us and make us smile. Babsy knows the way to my heart so most of the time she comes prepared and would cheer me up with a bar of chocolate.

Hershey’s Milk Chococolate, yes please!

Imagine how much more happiness one will get if a bar of Hershey’s is wrapped in #happygrams ?

Hershey's Happygram

Adorable wrappers that can definitely make one feel better.
Hershey's Happygram3 Hershey's Happygram2

My favorite from the bunch? Good Vibes, Keep Calm Go Shopping, Happy Girls Are The Prettiest and of course Om Nom Nom Nom! Heehee. You can send out any of these virtually to your friends or post it on your social media sties.

I know life can oftentimes get in the way of friendship but there’s no excuse not to reach out to your friends, especially to your BFF no matter how busy you are. You can use Happygrams to let your friend know you think about them, and that your friendship wouldn’t be less just because you don’t see each other often. Sometimes, a sweet or thoughtful note is all it takes to make everyday moments better. So why not make a happygram?


This one is for my BFF Babsy!

Life is challenging but remember that it gets better, so just be happy! See you soon.

You too can crate your own happygram! Simply post a selfie with your chosen happy thought on your social media sites. Don’t forget to use the hashtags #happygrams #sparkitph Who knows, your happygram might come out on Hershey’s wrappers! Cool lang di ba?!



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