I’m A #GoGinhawa Mom With Calpol

All parents worry when their kids are sick. I, personally cannot function properly whenever one of my kids – Gabbie or Juro – is down with fever. I get paranoid and would immediately inform my children’s pediatrician of their condition. Sometimes, when I’m super paranoid, I would immediately rush them to the ER especially if I don’t know what’s causing their fever. But my pedia said that fever is the body’s natural response to infections. Ever since I learned this, I became more calm and knowledgable when it comes to managing my children’s fever.

Knowing how to manage fever isn’t enough. One should be armed with tools that can help manage it. That’s why I have my trusted tools for fever management. They give me the power to help my kids bounce back to their active selves. It’s also not enough to have fever management tools, you have to know what’s effective and what works for your child. As for me, I have two non- negotiables when it comes to taking care of my children when they have fever.


First,  a cute digital thermometer that lets my kids check their temperature with ease and even lets their mind off being sick as it makes a cute ribit sound every time it’s being used. Second, and the most important tool of all is Calpol which is recommended by my children’s pediatrician. I have no problems letting my kids drink this fever-management medicine because Calpol is in suspension format, this means that the bitterness of Paracetamol is masked. Also, its in suspension format so there is no trace of alcohol, unlike with other syrups.

Funny though that sometimes, after a few hours from drinking Calpol, Juro would insist he still has fever – even though he doesn’t – just so he can drink the “yummy penguin medicine” again. Haha! Moments like this prove how this doctor-recommend fever medicine is fast and effective. He’s back to his usual funny, happy self that he asks for second serving of Calpol. I can’t blame him though because Calpol has two great-tasting flavors that kids don’t really think of it as medicine.

Calpol is my trusted partner when it comes to fever relief. It is backed by the science-driven expertise of GSK, a global healthcare company committed to helping people do more, feel better and live longer. Their commitment is something I want for myself and my family thus, I only give what is best for my children and so I give them Calpol.


Nothing gives me more happiness than seeing my kids bounce back to their active, happy and healthy selves. Iba talaga when I see them get ginhawa from fever. And we all know that when fever is gone, life takes its place.

Here’s my fever management story that I know most moms can relate to.

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