Nivea Express Raid: 24K in 60 Seconds

So what can you do in 60 seconds? I for one can finish a bag of chips, brush my teeth, drink a glass of water, I can tweet and upload a photo on my Instagram. Easy right? Well what if you’re tasked to shop 24,000 pesos worth of clothes, shoes,accessories and the like in sixty seconds? Can you do it? I thought I couldn’t but then again I did! :) (Parang Minute To Win It lang!)

Last Friday, I together with five other bloggers were invited by Nivea for their Nivea Express Raid challenge that happened at Forever 21 in SM Megamall. In correlation to the event, NIVEA is highlighting their Express Body Hydration Lotion which hydrates your skin in 60 seconds and gives you 24hr+ protection with its Hydra IQ technology.

Product Album-01

Product Album-07

I can attest to NIVEA’s Express Hydration Lotion as I have dry skin. Dry to the point that there’s flaking. So when this was first introduced to me, I immediately fell in love with it. It instantly gives moisture without leaving a sticky feeling on the skin which is perfect with Manila’s tropical weather.

So back to the challenge, I’m sure you’re all curious to know what happened during the event? Here are tons of photos to help me narrate to you all what transpired that fun-filled day.

The event happened at eight in the morning where (I think) all six of us bloggers really made an effort waking up extra early that day. Spell kape!


We were given two minutes to have a quick look at the store. Imagine how huge Forever 21 is so it was overwhelming to shop. Look at my face as I look around and scout for things I want.





Sixty seconds starts now!

I have two shopping bags that I wasn’t able to use at all! haha

NiveaERC7Here’s my loot.

NiveaERC8Chikahan portion with Verniece and Marj.


Looking at our loots.


With Raisa Mislang of NIVEA. Thank you for taking my photos :)


Anticipation is building up as we wait for our total amount.









My turn.


My total.






The waiting portion.


And the winner is…NiveaERC22



I seriously wasn’t expecting it as my mind wanders every morning so I assumed my total score is either below or above 24,000 pesos. I guess I was lucky. Vern would’ve been the winner if the dress she got wasn’t on sale. Anyway, it took me a few good seconds before I giddily reacted because like I said, I couldn’t believe it! :)



I together with Martha, Vern, Verniece, Marj and Val.


I got to take home the goodies I picked. Yahooo! :)



I also got these from NIVEA.

I’m posting the photos of the items that I got from the Express Raid challenge. As of today, I already have the sizes change to my size but sadly not all have my size pa so some items were replaced with something else. Don’t worry, I’m going to do outfit shots naman soon :)










I’m liking golds, glitters and sequins lately. I know they seem to stand out as what they’re purposely made but I guess with proper styling, you can wear them on a casual coffee date or even dinner out.


And because I love sequins, would you believe that I got this dress for 300+ pesos?! Yes, this lovely dress retails for 1, 700- pesos but it was double marked for the sale. I love it!

Watch out as NIVEA will be launching their Express Raid app on Facebook and will have a contest for all their fans. You can apply as an Express Raider and get a chance to be chosen as one of 5 ladies to participate in the on-ground Express Raid Challenge to be held in Express Raid partner stores. Be one step closer in being an Express Raider, just visit and Like NIVEA’s Facebook page for updates and more details.

Thank you again NIVEA Philippines for being one of your pioneer Express Raiders.  :)


  • Issachavez

    wow, I’m so happy for you Miss Jackie! Congratulations! Love all your picks! :)

  • Khen

    Wow..That was fun. Congrats! :)
    Yeah, the contest is now open.. Excited to join. hoping & praying I could be one of the lucky Nivea raiders like you. Stay blessed Ms.GJG :)

  • Mom-Friday

    Ang galing mag-budget, pasok!!! :) I love the black sleeveless with gold, and the peplum/skirt set with black studded clutch. Congrats again!

    • Jackie Go

      Chamba lang talaga! If it weren’t for the sale dress Vern got, she would’ve won :)

  • Khen

    Hi Ms.Jackie! just an update… I was chosen as one of the Nivea raiders last Jan 31 at Forever 21. I did not won..nonetheless the experience was fun and I super enjoyed it! :)

  • Edel Leonsua

    i super like the outfits! congrats ms. jackie! =)

    • jackiego

      Thank you Edel. Chamba lang at nagmatch naman yun mga nakuha ko heehee

  • prettythrifty

    Hi Ms.Jackie! Congrats on your winning! I was chosen as raider din this week. Any tips on how to win? Hehe thanks!

    • jackiego

      Hi Jennifer! Basta be fast and eye on the items that you want na the moment you get to the location. Most of all, have fun lang! Good luck on your raid. Let me know what happens ha? :)

  • The Diplomatic Wife

    Wow what an awesome experience! I am green with fashion envy haha! =p

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  • kathleen lazam

    I like this post because I love forever21! Drool over your items!

    Kathleen Consular Lazam Happy Bloganniversary Jackie!

  • adrianne

    Happy Bloganniversary GJG! I love this post cause I wanna experience a shopping spree too!.:)
    Fb Name: ianne apura

  • Khen

    Happy Bloganniversay Jackie! :)

    Ofcourse this is my favorite post. I was able to experience my childhood dream to shop under pressure..hehehe.

    Though I did not win, I gained four lovely little sisters..til now we communicate and do weekend dates :) Super saya diba?!

    Facebook profile username: Khen Urian-Unilongo
    email address: